Sky Camp - May 19-21, 2017
  Deep Peace in Difficult Times

Murshid SAM said that even though we seem to be about singing and dancing, we are really about realizing peace. Peace depends on our relationship to events and not the events themselves. If we can dwell in the midst of it all with our hearts open, in touch with the peace within that does not depend on conditions, then we can be at peace with the world, even though there may not be peace in the world.
Near Eugene, Oregon - Located on a lakefront in the forest
May 19 (Fri. eve before dinner) -to- May 21 (Sunday, just after lunch)
Send your Name, E-mail and Phone-Number, and deposit of $90:
    Mail to: David Maxfield / P.O. Box 370 Philomath, OR 97370
        • Make your check out to Eugene DUP
        • and write Sky Camp on the message line.
--OR-- Online Registration
David Maxfield damaxfield370(at) / 541-929-5236

We are happy to announce that Darvesha McDonald from Silver City will lead our Sky Camp Dance Camp this year in Oregon just south of Eugene above Fall Creek Reservoir in a beautiful location in the mountains. Darvesha is a Senior Mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace, Chair of the Guidance Council, and President of the Board of directors of the DUP. She has taken the Dances all over the world. She is a Murshida in the Ruhaniat Sufi Order and a long time Buddhist practitioner. More about Darvesha


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NOTE: Some of our Dancers are highly sensitive to fragrances (soaps, natural essences,
perfumes, colognes, hair spray). Please do not wear these to Dance events if possible