Minutes for: Open Dance Community Business Meeting - 2008

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JANUARY 14, 2008  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting       download pdf        

Present: Phil (convener), Helen (scribe), Liz, Krsna Das, John, James, Brigitte (hosting), HayraFatah, Martha,
Opening Dance: Om Shanti

  • Hayra was given tea lights for holiday, which she will donate to circle. Is on bookcase in musician¹s room til it can join the suitcase.
  • Liz having Women¹s Clothing Exchange Tuesday 1/22 with potluck at Tasnim¹s.
  • Chrissie Porowski will need support during knee surgery (transpo etc.).
  • Urs of Murshid Sam next Wed, 2/5 (Tues): special event at Keystone for Urs of Hazrat Inayat Khan, sponsored by Ruhaniat and SOI.
  • Tomorrow will be anniversary of Hayra¹s breaking her ankle.

Treasurer¹s Report:
• $1367 in account, in 2008 had $1222 at end of year, with January expenses paid for.

  • Last meeting we had agreed to pay expenses through Feb, and anything over $1000 was to be split between the three Peaceworks orgs and scholarships.
  • The Indianola deposit was larger than expected ($850 not $400).
  • By email the discussion was continued, and we decided to pay expenses through Jan, not Feb.
  • So now we have $222 over $1000. We agreed to split it as planned, $111 to scholarship fund, $37 each to NA, PUBS, and IN.
  • We will earmark the scholarship money within the existing account, rather than setting up a new account.

Action Item follow-up:

  • Helen got www.thedances.org onto Soleil¹s dance e-newsletter.
  • Martha is still getting leftover retreat decoration fabric sorted between Julia and other possible owners. She will donate anything unclaimed to the dance suitcase.

Planning for Fall 2008 retreat:
Background: At our last meeting we had secured site, donated profit to whoever wanted to run the fall retreat, and opened process to another sponsor if anyone wants to take it on. Hayra received feedback from Safiya Crane (Oly area connector), long-time networker. Safiya was the only person who responded, expressing concerns about what had been a regional event becoming a one-circle event. She also desires emphasis on scholarships. She would like to see our cluster get organized enough to take over retreat again in 2009. She may be withdrawing from planning this year¹s retreat, to focus on drawing the cluster together instead. Hayra asks for responses and will get back with Safiya.


  • We reiterate that Seattle will accept responsibility for the 2008 retreat, since no one from wider group stepped forward.
  • We will ask for donations on the retreat registration form. Those who are concerned about scholarships have a year to organize fundraising events.
  • Clarify members of retreat planning team. James, Brigitte, Martha, Safiya volunteered at Burton, as well as Leslie from Portland who stepped back when four others volunteered.
  • Hayra will clarify if Safiya wants to participate, and invite Leslie if Safiya declines. We still
    seek participation from others in the cluster who have interest in helping.
  • Proceed to seek retreat leaders. The retreat planning group will collect suggestions, and this planning circle as a whole will approve funding. Names might came from Burton questionnaire, or from last year¹s choices who had to decline for scheduling reasons.

Dance break: Purify and Revivify Us, and Om Shanti

Report from Dance Team Leader meeting:

  • Sandra Greer is resigning from gathering names for healing night. Dance leaders want to
    continue the Healing Dance, but someone is needed to hold the gathering of names.
  • Dance Leaders thought of asking Majid. There is also interest in a 2-3 person team in order to expand
    roles for non-dance-leaders and provide coverage when Majid is traveling.
  • We will ask Sandra to make the initial announcement for volunteers by email, with responses to Hayra within 2
    weeks. Phil will ask Majid to lead next healing night.

Items tabled til next meeting:
1. Photography.
2. Business cards.
3. Newspaper ad.

Other future agenda items:
1. Process and coordinate about creative ideas meeting that was convened by Mirabai.
2. Demo about www.thedances.org and how to get on it.

Action items from this meeting:

  • Liz to contact Brian about possibly coordinating support for Chrissie.
  • Phil to earmark $111 for scholarships, and send $37 to NADUP, PUBS, and INDUP.
  • Martha to complete distribution of decoration fabric.
  • Hayra to clarify with Safiya about her interest in organizing the fall retreat, and contact Leslie if Safiya declines.
  • Retreat organizing group will collect names and begin selection of fall retreat leaders. When registration form is designed, a line requesting donations for scholarships will be added.
  • Hayra will contact Sandra about invitation email, and collect names of volunteers for holding healing dance concentration.
  • Phil will contact Majid about holding focus for next month¹s healing dance.

Next meeting:
2/12. Convener: Martha. Location: K-d¹s home. Martha will offer to give ride to Tasnim.

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Policies (as of Feb 2017)  Read   pdf   •   Original Vision Team Report  (from 2003)  Read   pdf
  FEBRUARY 11, 2008  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting      download pdf

Location: k-d’s home
Present: Martha, K-d, James, Helen (scribe), HayraFatah, John (V for Peace), Liz,
Opening Dance: Be Ye Songs of Glory…..

  1. Bhajan group this Saturday on Whidbey
  2. DUP at Shoreline Unitarian 2/24, 12-1pm

Treasurer’s Report: Delayed til next meeting, as Phil not present.

Report on Action Items:

  1. Chrissie’s knee surgery not scheduled yet, but Brian and Liz will coordinate support.
  2. Mystery decoration items: none claimed by Sandra, Martha still coordinating for time with Julia.
  3. Safiya does want to be part of planning fall retreat. Martha, James, Brigitte have not met yet. See below
  4. Healing dance night: see below.

Photography discussion:
Krsna das would like to take unobtrusive non-flash photos of our group on a more spontaneous basis than the current policy (for special events with prior notice) allows. A related issue is the short window of time when lighting is possible for non-flash photos. Our group has in the past been divided between those who would like some record of our group for historical or PR reasons, and those who object to being photographed for many reasons.

We agreed to make the month of June 2008 open to non-flash photography. Adequate notice (more than a week, with both email and verbal announcements) will be done in May. This does not replace the current policy, which remains in effect for the rest of the year.

Healing Night focuser:
Majid and Bill would like to focus the healing night except for the winter months when they are out of town. Majid is willing to schedule her other vacation time so as not to miss other months. Mira also offered to help. Hayra will clarify with Mira about specifics of her willingness. We will also consider making verbal requests in the fall for substitutes from among non-dance-leaders.

Fall retreat: Hayra clarified that Safiya that Safiya does want to participate in planning the fall retreat. No other area connectors responded. Martha will contact Safiya about her availability. James will invite Martha and Brigitte to a meal within the next week to discuss choosing leaders and potentially to review the feedback forms.

Business card reprint:
Old ones need updating. We decided to remove the info about specific non-Seattle dances and substitute www.thedances.org. We authorized Tasnim to order up to 2 boxes on rainbow paper, depending on current deals.

Newspaper ads:
Our PCC ad expired. A special one was posted in December, but hasn’t been renewed. At least one person learned about the dances from the previous ad, which is $15 per month. We agreed to renew the standard ad for the nine months between now and November. Hayra will email the old text to Martha, who will submit the ad and get reimbursed.

Visioning meeting at Tasnim;s:
John would like a venue for us to discuss bigger issues than the details that take up our current meetings. We didn’t have a copy of the list of ideas from the meeting at Tasnim’s to discuss further. There were favorable comments about holding a similar day-long community-wide event, with food and plenty of notice, perhaps to include appreciations.

Hayra has also been thinking of offering a regular small weekend dance at her home, or workshops on harmonies or music theory.

Action items:

  1. Finish distributing fabric (Martha)
  2. Initiate planning for fall retreat (James, Brigitte, Martha)
  3. Contact Safiya about availability (Martha)
  4. Clarify with Mira about healing night role (Hayra)
  5. Place PCC ad (Hayra/Martha/Phil)
  6. Reprint business card (Tasnim)
    (Future: in May announce non-flash photography in June)

Next month: Monday March 10
Location: Tasnim’s home with John’s as backup.
Convenor: James
Closing Dance:

  MARCH 10, 2008  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting      download pdf     

Location: Tasnim’s
Present: James (convener), John B, Liz, Tasnim, Helen (scribe), Phil, HayraFatah, Marfatah
Opening Dances: Thy Light Is In All Forms, Gobbledy Gobbledy (debut), Come Join the Circle

  1. April 6th DUP will be part of service at Shoreline Unitarian and afterwards.
  2. 20 youth attended session of DUP at Wedgwood Unitarian Youth Conference. Tasnim would like to be included wherever possible in future youth events.
  3. James will be on retreat March 27-April 9.
  4. Leilah Be will be doing zikr retreat weekend of June 12th at Hood River.
  5. HayraFatah is leading DUP at two women’s events this weekend.
  6. James attended powerful interfaith service last weekend.
  7. Mukilteo group that requests dances is “getting it,” and has another date in a few weeks. Next date: Sat, March 22, 3pm

Action items completed from last month:

  • Martha placed the PCC ad and distributed the fabric.
  • Hayra clarified with Mira that she is willing to take on all aspects of focalizing the Healing dance, if needed.

Reprint of business cards:
Tasnim willing to arrange for up to two boxes on rainbow paper. Hayra’s phone number and www.thedances.org will be listed. Keystone info will remain, plus website and phone number, but no other details.

At next leaders meeting (April 13th) James will preview the updated www.thedances.org website, and at next business meeting (April 14th), he will preview it for us as well.

Treasurer’s report:
$1007 in bank currently, with PCC ad paid through November, and March rent paid.

John suggests that this group look at the summary of the meeting that was held in November at Tasnim’s. How might this planning group want to vision?
James leads us in several minutes of silence, then we share what emerged in the silence for each of us.

  1. Image of a room like Keystone, but bigger, and several circles were going at the same time, but some were older people moving slower, and some were younger and were moving very quickly. Image mirrored stress between age needs in our current group. And how about little kids running around too?
  2. A reach-out like Sister Cities, but with Sister-Circles. Maybe we could trade web-casts or photos or cards or something, to link up with other circles in other parts of the world so our world family is more real to us.
  3. Be more connected to people’s individual transitions through the dances, like weddings or birthdays.
  4. For some interpersonal problems, it would be good to have a counselor like we do at camp, to work out issues with inappropriate behaviors. James reports 3 people have volunteered to be ombuds-persons locally. Phil reports that there are mediation options being developed internationally.
  5. Having dances in south Seattle, for more ethnic diversity.
  6. How to put out the invitation so new people really want to come to this planning group with new ideas.
  7. How about some more community days?
  8. What if we paid for an ad on Soleil’s dance list, if we could be moved higher up the list?
  9. More working with youth for youth-appropriate dances, or youth night at DUP.
  10. Regular dances geared towards what the participants want rather than what the leaders feel like leading.
  11. Gifting our community with more music. Brian, for instance, is a great guitar teacher.

John listed some items from the previous visioning meeting:

  1. More training in voice, musicianship, dance leading, circle consciousness, drumming
  2. Requests for particular types of dances
  3. Break-out discussion time at dances
  4. More weekend retreats
  5. Monthly community gatherings
  6. More sharing of food, yoga, stretching, etc.

What’s next about implementing any of these ideas? James suggests digesting over the next month, and that individuals bring suggestions to next meeting about how to move forward.

Break: “Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus”

Healing Night:
Majid and Bill will focus the monthly healing night except for December when they will be in Mexico. They will be responsible for this function, arranging substitutes if necessary. In establishing a substitute, Majid will first call Mira. If Mira is not available, Majid will inform the Dance Leader(s) for that evening and let them arrange, until/unless there is another substitute in place. We plan on making verbal requests in the fall for additional substitute(s) from among non-dance-leaders.

Library purchase request:
HayraFatah asks for up to $100 for new items or duplicates for the library. (Hayra houses the “Seattle Community Dance Library”, used by dance leaders or prospective dance leaders or other community members.) No objections to Hayra spending up to $100 at Peaceworks for appropriate materials.

Fall Retreat Report:
James, Brigitte and Martha met, went over the leaders who were suggested in the fall evaluations, and chose three, with three alternates. Joanna Sales from BC and Bernie Heidemann from BC have accepted. Bernie is a well-known leader from Colorado (out of the region), but is willing to come for airfare ($400 and $50 honorarium). The committee proposes having only two primary leaders, in order to make more room for other regional leaders and to save travel costs. We discussed the risk of a well-known leader overwhelming the program, and ways of off-setting this possibility. We agreed that a non-dance leader might serve on the program committee with the two designated leaders. Other regional leaders might be encouraged to sign their dances up ahead of time on the registration form. The committee will accept other suggestions for a week, and then is empowered to select a third leader without coming back to the planning circle. A preference was stated for a local leader. The function of the third person is to provide experience with the history and format of this retreat, which is to encourage leading from many local leaders . Safiya has been brought up to date on developments.

Wave One:
Hayra reports that a global healing event, “Wave One”, will occur on June 18th 7:00pm-8:00pm Seattle time. Would we like to request dance leaders start at 7 on that night? It would be the same space rental cost. We agree to make that request of the dance leaders.

Tasnim is considering starting a “barn-raising” group for shared help with projects like garage cleaning. Those who help would have their own projects get higher on the list for attention. She is willing to keep track of volunteers and potential projects. This is an independent initiative, which might go out on the list-serve. It would not provide on-going care for illness, or crisis care, and is more like a barter than a benefit. It could be fun to share help and skills.

Next meeting: at James’ house, Helen will scribe, John will convene.

To-do items:

  • Order business cards
  • Demonstrate www.thedances.org website
  • Fall Retreat planning update
  • Aramaic Prayer
  • Visioning—ideas for follow-up
  • Purchase items for library
  • Request 7:00 pm start for June 18th
  • In May announce non-flash photography coming in June

Closing dance: toning Shalom

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  APRIL 14, 2008  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting      download pdf

Seattle DUP Planning 4/14/08
Present: Martha, Hayra, Suzan, Brigitte, John (convener), K-D, Helen (scribe), James (Voice for Peace), Liz (Voice for Grouchiness),
Dance: Ya Allah

Fall retreat report:
Three leaders confirmed, have been asked to get together to set theme. Martha will have flier for Sky Camp, whether theme is announced by then or not. Flier will ask regional leaders to list on form what dances they are prepared to lead, and perhaps requests for dances. Hayra will send Martha some suggested language. Flier will also include request for donation for
scholarship. Pricing will be set by the committee.

Demo of www.thedances.org:

  • Public info: calendar, fliers linked to dates of events, leaders linked to specific Wednesdays.
  • Each geographic area will have its own calendar embedded in their own website. Frequently asked questions show how to get around the site and how to post a record. Links page also takes folks to other sites like Oneness.
  • Logon: additional info available like individual dancers and contact info, blogging options, adding events, carpool options for specific events. Have to have log-in privileges to access the areas that have private info.

Aramaic Prayer venue (John B).
What if one of the churches would co-sponsor a presentation of the Aramaic Prayer? Perhaps
Unity, because would give us a free facility and exposure to the dances. Hafiz is also thinking
about this idea. John will check with Hafiz.
Hayra had $100 authorized. Yana volunteered to earmark an extra $50, to buy all desired items, which came to $150. Hayra will check with Martha to be sure items are in stock.

Vision Ideas:
What’s percolated since last month? Hayra: wants to win the lottery and set the community up to do day-long NVC-and-DUP retreats once a quarter. Another thought would be for some dancers who are already doing NVC becoming skilled enough to help facilitate. Classes are available. How about a community day devoted to NVC and dances, with a trained facilitator?

A 2-hour free appetizer course is already available. Maybe some people could then follow up for the training and follow-up group. We would enhance the practice sessions through specific dances. Brigitte knows two facilitators and Brian may know others. Hayra’s or P&H’s living room might be available. Liz is willing to be co-organizer, Helen and Brigitte also willing to help plan. Maybe it would be in June, maybe in the fall.


  1. Liz: Nov 14, Jai Uttal kirtan will be in Seattle.
  2. DUP at Shoreline on Sunday in service went very well. Coming Sunday noon-1 will be an hour of DUP after service.
  3. Sat May 10th spring soiree fundraiser for Chrissie, contact Liz.

Appreciation expressed for Cedron’s service to the dances; his last night as a musician is 4th Wednesday in May.

Proposal to post a condensed version of minutes on dupnw:
Full minutes could be attached to the particular meeting in the web calendar. Brigitte volunteers to make digest/highlights announcement, with more info available in the calendar link. Should there be a standard format or a review by those present, as there is for the full minutes? The process for the full minutes takes time already. The digest could be posted as part of the announcement of the next meeting.

Promo packet:
Once the cards are ordered, we will keep some by the basket and request that people take them to give away. We will also mention www.thedances.org.

Action items:

  1. Hayra will send language for the fall retreat flier to Martha, who will ensure a flier is ready for Sky Camp. Fall retreat committee will set pricing.
  2. Hayra will order library materials, up to $150.
  3. Hayra will organize appreciation for Cedron.
  4. Liz, Brigitte, and Helen will look into NVC-and DUP Community Day.
  5. John will check with Hafiz about Aramaic Prayer at Unity.
  6. Brigitte will trial a digest of these minutes, for further discussion at the next planning meeting.
  7. Wednesday announcements in May: cards, flashless photography will be allowed in June, www.thedances.org

Next meeting: Brigitte’s home, James convening, Helen scribe

MAY 12, 2008  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting   -   download pdf

Seattle DUP Planning - 5/12/08
Location: Brigitte’s home
Present: James (convener), Matt, K-D, Hayra, Martha, Brigitte, Liz, Helen, John
Dance: Ave Maria
Treasurer’s Report: $1070. Doesn’t include appreciation or library purchase, so about $800 remains.


  1. Sky Camp last weekend in May.
  2. May 17th potluck and Oneness Project dance on Whidbey
  3. Fundraiser for Chrissie raised $425. Auction items remaining will be put out for silent bidding at break-time next Wednesday. Also sales of Steve Flynn’s CD will benefit Chrissie.
  4. Mother’s Day dance at Hayra’s home drew 13 people. She hopes to do another one at some point.
  5. Requests for appreciation has raised an additional $49.

Community Day report:

NVC-and-DUP day envisioned. Lots of NVC leaders in the area; Janice Eng is interested, would charge $400, wants to know more about what Community Day would mean to us. Besides community building, is opportunity to express desires and needs from the dances and dance circle. Could use specific polarizing issues in our circle to illustrate/work on something real that come out of our experience. Dancers (usually lunar) are invited into solar space, ie engaging more people in expression and empowerment, inviting radiance.

Committee sees dances intermixed with training modules, heightening attunement towards content (self-connection, expressing from the heart, and empathic listening). Possible follow-up group might take shape in the fall.

June 28th at Phil and Helen’s home, which could hold 25 people for afternoon, and a few more for dance-only. Modules 1-5, potluck 5-6:30, then dance evening 6:30-9. Charge $20 if preregistered, donation for evening from those not coming to afternoon. Planning group agrees to provide financial safety net if we don’t raise $400. Could offer 50% positions if we’ve broken even already. Committee will shape which dances will be woven in.

Aramaic Prayer:

John B contacted music director at Unity. CSL also an option. Hafiz thinking of a class-plus-event, with a charge for participants.

Action items:

  1. Business cards not purchased yet. Hayra and Liz will remind Suzan.
  2. Fall retreat flier and pricing yet to happen. Preliminary flier will be at Sky Camp per Martha.
  3. $150 library materials to be ordered.
  4. Digest of minutes: Helen will send draft minutes to this group, final minutes to Brigitte and DUPPlanning. Brigitte will make digest for dupnw with reference to full minutes on www.thedances.org, will put out as part of invite for next meeting. Will try digest for 2-3 months.
  5. Community Day: Liz will handle flier, Brigitte registration.

Next meeting: June 9th, Party for Brigitte’s birthday. James will bring cake for Brigitte’s birthday per Brigitte’s request.
Location: John B’s home, 719 North 68th. Convener: Hayra.

Final dance: Ya Jamil

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  June 9, 2008  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting   -   download pdf

DUP Planning Meeting - June 9, 2008
Location: John Birnel’s
Present: James, Yolanda, John, Hayra (convener), Phil, Krsna Das, Gisela, Yana, Brigitte, Helen (scribe)
Dance: Ram Nam Can Can Pra Nam

Check-up on Action Items:

  1. Business cards: John will take over doing the order if Tasnim can send the info to John.
  2. Prelim fall flier was at Sky Camp, thanks to Martha.
  3. $150 library materials still to be ordered.
  4. Digest of minutes was posted, with link to full minutes. Brigitte would like feedback. Comments at meeting all positive.
  5. Community day flier was posted.

First business item: what about “go/no-go” date for Community Day?
So far we have 8 registrants with two other inquiries. We need 20 to break even. After some discussion, the group consensus was that we had already decided to sponsor the day even if there were some loss, and that we expected most people would decide closer to the date. A question was raised about sliding scale/scholarships being offered, since we are prepared to take some loss on the event. There was further discussion about how to accomplish this in a responsible way.

Decision: authorize the registrar to award up to 5 scholarships now. If more than five requests for scholarhips arrive, they will go on a waiting list til after the early registration date (6/25), at which time Brigitte can award more half-scholarships if the event isn’t full. The public announcement will say “limited partial scholarships available.”


  1. Please keep announcing non-flash photography in June. Liz not here to finalize news of Chrissie fundraiser.
  2. 3. Father’s Day dance at Hayra’s.
  3. Cedron’s gift: $50 from this group, $60 from general circle. Check issued to Tasnim, who issued gift certificate for instrument case.
  4. No Aramaic Prayer at Unity update.

Treasurer’s report: $1300 in bank; $150 for library and some amount for business cards still outstanding.

June 18 dance is in conjunction with Wave I,
at Good Shepherd Center, with solstice theme as well. 7:00 will be both meditation space and raising a pole. 7:30 will be dances, a bit more spontaneous than usual. It was pointed out that starting sharp at 7:00 would be important part of Wave I practice; perhaps announcing a 6:45 arrival time, or having a potluck gathering first would be advantageous. Suggestion to be passed to dance leaders on the 18th.

Break and dance: “Jai Durga”

Fall retreat report and proposal about including non-primary dance leaders.
This year at Sky there was no sign-up sheet for leaders or musicians. At last moment, due to number of registrants with large number of dance leaders, they decided not to include other dance leaders (with 2 exceptions). Survey at end of retreat added question about how people felt about this change. Appreciation for continuity was expressed, although it’s also true that experience is denied to growing dance leaders. How much do we want to instruct the three main leaders to open to other leaders and how might this be done? Could they, for instance, hold a lottery for a designated number of slots. Or this registration form could have a deadline to offer dances in advance, so that leaders could create coherency in advance. James proposed in email to allow for limited number of leaders, with priority for those not picked this year to lead the next year.

  • James speaks for energy container and continuity by three leaders. Gives example of Leilah Be allowing only a few other leaders. One proposal was for one session just by other leaders.
  • Brigitte’s experience: has been in contact with leaders about German dance camp, in which one option for free time is hour of dance leading by camper-dancers. When the last two new leaders were sprinkled in the morning lightened up the energy and made it easier to leave. How about early-morning or free time session for camper leaders.
  • Phil: supports effort to keep outreach going to other leaders. Chance for exchange of energy is nice alternative to usual model. Mechanism for golden mean would be good. He’s led both kinds of retreats and been guest at both kinds; tremendous boon to lead in the context of the continuity that has been established. That’s an advantage for not segregating the newbies. The field draws and deepens the growing dance leaders.
  • Yana: very interested because of being a leader at fall retreat. Will be coordinating soon with the other two. Her own feeling is to try to accommodate as much as possible, and including those who have an attunement to the theme. As more dance leader traingings have happened, there are more leaders available who want to lead. It’s important to offer opportunities.
  • Helen: Agrees that there is some logistical upward limit. Has not see that limit reached yet. Wants to speak for regional retreat having a different goal: building and growing capacity of dancers and leaders across the whole reason. To support same scholarships and keep prices low to facilitate that. See’s asking people to sign up early and to work with retreat theme as a way of supporting holding the container. For twenty years this has been a wonderful experience dancing with leaders from afar.
  • Phil: it’s an art in its own right to pull all the different flavors and colors from the palette to weave a coherent weekend.
  • Yana; having a really big name will be even different because there’s more of a sense of hierarchy with a leader like Bernie. Will attendees be disappointed if Bernie doesn’t lead a lot?
  • Gisella: do we have the power to make this decision?
  • John: we’ve delegated the decisions to the retreat committee , but we are an advisory board. The leaders of course have to have a certain amount of autonomy to make decisions on the ground.
  • Yolanda: offers emotional support to Yana.
  • Hayra; Bernie was great to work with at Sky a year ago, with Chela and Hayra who were familiar with the form. There may be dance leaders who want to come who want to perform for Bernie. Plus we spent money for the airline ticket, which will confuse the issue whenever we bring in a big name. In future years we could have only two major leaders to create coherency. Advance dance offerings, with comments on why the dance “fits”, could help. Could also have a breakout session for leaders who don’t have dances that fit the theme, with the main leaders attending and setting the order.
  • James: comments that there was sense of balance at Sky, even though Gayan was the more experienced leader.
  • Brigitte: The German breakout sessions are well attended, because people from different regions want to see others lead.
  • Phil: seems like the general preference is for an inclusive retreat, recognizing the need to balance logistics. We may see a high percentage of leaders to dancers, as is often true in various venues of the dances.
  • Yana: Clarifies that ultimately the decisions will rest with three main leaders.
  • Hayra: suggests a printed list of options for coping with the situation, from the committee or anyone else.

Addendum from Hayra: had area connector meeting at Sky.
One topic was about responsibility for this fall retreat shifting to Seattle Circle from region. At Sky it has shifted to an individual, the previous registrar, who has taken the financial responsibility. Portland may want to put on this retreat in a future year.

Last item: question whether hug announcement at end of dance is necessary.
The announcement is for the benefit of new people, who may be surprised or overwhelmed if they don’t know they have a choice about participating.

Next date and location:
No July or August meeting. Retreat planning committee can contact those at this meeting by email, as an extension of this meeting, if any consultation is needed. September 8th at Brigitte’s. Convenor: Phil.

Dance: “Merry Meet”

JULY 2008  -  NO Business Meeting

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   AUGUST 2008  -  NO Business Meeting
SEPT 9 , 2008  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting     download pdf

Seattle Dances of Universal PeacePlanning Meeting
Location: Brigitte’s home
Present: Brigitte, Hayra Fatah (convenor), Helen (scribe), krsna das Greg Heil

Held-over Items:

  • Business cards: No report. John Birnel was to follow-up. Brian has the original template, which would have to be tweaked.
  • Library materials: order has been placed, some items back-ordered. Treasurer will receive bill.
  • Posting of minutes: Helen will post announcement on dupnw with instructions about how to located them on www.thedances.org
  • Community Day. Came in about $20 ahead. Proposal for next steps with NVC postponed to a later meeting. Individuals could take initiative in organizing a group like the one held in spring 2007.

Fall Retreat:

  • Our insurance will be due early November, for $350. In the future perhaps this should be rolled into the cost of the fall retreat. Retreat planning committee asked to review our contract with Indianola and present a proposal about a go/no-go date and a tolerable loss amount. Registration deadline is 10/15.
  • Questions of space usage (where to keep instruments, how to keep down clutter, where to jam at night) and ensuring a guitarist were discussed and referred to the retreat planning committee.

Upcoming Events:

  • 25th Anniversary of Seattle Circle is Sept 13. Ideas about simple celebration options were
    brainstormed and $40 approved if anyone takes the idea any further.
  • Sept 21 Peace Event, 6-9 at Bellevue Community College. Helen will bring calendars,
    retreat fliers, several banners, a sign and a vase of flowers.
    Next meeting: Monday October 13, at k-d’s home. Phil will be asked to be convenor.
  OCTOBER 13, 2008  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting     download pdf

Seattle DUP Planning meeting - 10/13/08
Location: Hayra-fatah’s home
Present: Krsna-das, Phil (Convenor), Martha, Brigitte, Brian, Hayra-Fatah, John, James, Helen (scribe)
First dance: “Gate, gate”

  1. Phil taking sabbatical from dance activities for next quarter or two, beginning after this
    meeting except for Aramaic Prayer. Willing to continue as treasurer.
  2. Brigitte is stepping back from her participation in the Seattle Planning Circle.
  3. Whidbey website is up, and they have cool business cards.

Brigitte is handing off the responsibility of the hardcopy Seattle DUP calendar. Pros and cons of having a printed calendar were discussed. Brian will modify the basic flyer to refer to www.thedances.org. James will investigate printing paper calendars directly from the website. Jo Kurtz is holding the Olympia dance, asks to be on our calendar; Brigitte will direct her to contact James. We acknowledge all that Brigitte gives and has given.

NVC Training:
Brigitte is passing on the list of those who expressed interest in a follow-up NVC group to Brian, who is willing to hold the list of those who expressed interest in a group until someone is willing to organize one.

December off-site events:
The Dance Leader Team desires to hold two special off-site events, one for Rumi’s Urs on 12/7 and one on 12/20 for Solstice. Both sites have been contacted and are available for these one-time events by donation only. Since there is no financial impact on the treasury, the decision to hold the events is returned to the Dance Leader Team.

Treasurer’s Report: $1680 in the bank.

Donation Basket:
So far, weekly donations have mostly not met the new rent, although last week’s appeal was successful. Also, a stranger was seen by two dancers to pocket some money from the basket while looking over the flyers before leaving. We discussed a number of options for changes in how we ask for donations. We decided to try bringing the donations into the center periodically, showing the unity of sacred and ordinary. Also, we will alert dancers to potential risk. Hayra will carry out the trial and make the appropriate announcement(s) next week.

Holiday Cards:
Peaceworks again asks if our circle would address and mail 100 holiday cards. Phil will give Martha 100 stamps and she will arrange to have them addressed on a Wednesday after they arrive.

NW Harvest:
We agree that there is enough in the treasury to dedicate one night’s donation basket to NW Harvest. Phil will contact Hafiz about selecting and announcing the appropriate

Fall Retreat:
Martha has 28 paid registrants, and believes we are essentially breaking even with this number, including potentially rolling over our deposit for a later retreat. Early registration ends this week and there are likely to be more registrants. She has 6 requests for scholarships, which at this point total $250 in costs to us. We authorize the scholarships to be issued as additional money is available, and as work-study whenever possible.

Alternate Dance Venues:
many suggestions were made over email, but only one person stepped forward to be on a search team. Unless we are unable to make rent to the point that our cushion drops significantly, we will not take any further action.

Circle Steward:
The idea of having someone looking over the big picture to see that things don’t fall through the cracks was introduced. We would need a more specific job description before the idea could be manifested.

Use of email list.
Krsna das tells us that the dupnw list currently has 214 members, and that when e-lists grow to between 200 and 500 members, they begin to have problems with volume. One way to keep lists at less than 200 members is to make several sub-lists, but that entails defining the sub-lists and finding monitors for them. Currently our dancers have Halim’s list, the dupnw calendar, and the www.thedances.org website as options for information-only contacts. Unless those wanting the list to change come to a meeting or volunteer to work on the issue, we will not change the current policy.

Action items:
1. Calendar:
   • Brian will modify the basic flyer to include www.thedances.org.
   • James will try printing a calendar directly from www.thedances.org.
   • Brigitte will ask Jo Kurtz to contact James with info about Olympia dance for the calendar.
2. Finances:
   • Hayra will announce/arrange bringing donations into the center periodically.
   • Phil will purchase 100 stamps and get them to Martha for holiday cards.
   • Phil will contact Hafiz about selecting a NW Harvest night and all donations that night will go to NW Harvest.
   • Martha will issue scholarships to the fall retreat as money over costs becomes available, granting the 6 existing requests,
      as work-study whenever possible.
3. Items for future agenda:
   • Calendar: what do we still need to do to get paper calendars onto the announcement table?
   • Treasury: report from retreat and report about weekly donations.

Next meeting: Convenor: James, location: John Birnel’s home

Dessert and final dance

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Policies (as of Feb 2017)  Read   pdf   •   Original Vision Team Report  (from 2003)  Read   pdf
   NOVEMBER 10, 2008  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting     download pdf

Seattle DUP Planning Meeting - 11/10/08
Location: John Birnel’s home
Present: Martha, Radha, Hayra, John, Brian, Yolanda, James, Helen

Treasurer’s report:
Cash in hand: $3684.03. (Includes Indianola deposit, which was returned to us.)
Expenses from retreat not yet paid: -$481.54
Pending income from the retreat : +$137.60
Total: $3340.09

Approving Expenses:

  • Suggested additional honoraria totaling $100 per leader and for registrar were approved. No deposit was left at Indianola; we have $200 deposit at Camp Burton.
  • We decided not to renew the PCC ad, but Yolanda will poll the circle over the next month about how people heard about us, and we will reconsider if the PCC ad is mentioned.

Retreat feedback:

  • Qahira from Portland compiled results of retreat feedback forms, which were made available to the Seattle planners.
  • Hayra volunteered to compose a summary which she will send out to dupnw and to Martha for registrants.
  • Martha and James will contact individuals who may have received pertinent personal feedback. Portland Crystal Circle would like to be kept privy to our process as apprentices.
  • Qahira is the point person between them and us, and will choose two others to be apprentices who will have the full survey available.

2009 Retreat Site and Opportunity for Outside Leaders:

  • Ruhaniat is having a retreat of murshids 10/26-28 and a Jamiat for other leaders 10/29- 11/1 at Camp Burton. Our current reservation at Camp Burton is 11/6-8.
  • We had a long discussion about the merits of seeking an outside leader versus the barriers of site availability, fees, and timing. Indianola is available prior to the Ruhaniat retreat, but only a handful of expensive leaders are coming early. The leaders who we could afford would have to spend an extra week in Seattle.
  • Issues at Indianola: safety, food and dorms. The earlier retreat date would be more likely to conflict with the annual Whidbey retreat. Evals slightly favored Indianola. A car shuttle could ferry those with mobility issues and we could augment the food.
  • Issues at Burton: more expensive per camper, decorating is a big job. No big issues with safety, food, or dorms. New space won’t provide a better dance location.
  • Risk at Indianola= 48 minimum registrants x $94=$4512
  • Risk at Burton=25 minimum registrants x $124=$3100.
  • At 60 registrants we made more profit at Indianola, but in an economic downturn there would be less risk at Burton if we had smaller numbers.
  • We decided to continue with the current plan, which is to keep our reservation at Camp Burton on November 6-8, 2009, with the intention to alternate. We will also research other potential options for 2010. Martha will confirm with Camp Burton and ask Indianola how early we might plan for 2010.
  • We will need to choose the retreat-planning committee in January in order to have a flier in time for Sky Camp. Martha does not want to be part of choosing the leaders, though willing to serve as registrar. Brigitte sent word she is willing to be on the committee.
    Hayra is willing to gather information about whether any of the Jamiat dance leaders might be available.

2009 Meetings:

  • Hayra proposes moving meetings from Mondays to Thursdays. She will contact dupnw before the next scheduled meeting to see if there is any input.
  • We will skip December, so the next meeting will be January 12th.
    Location: Helen’s home. John will be convenor. Major agenda items: choosing retreat committee and/or retreat leaders;
    getting a paper calendar on the entry table.
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   No Meeting in December

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