Minutes for:
Open Dance Community
Business Meeting - 2009

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  JANUARY 12, 2009  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting        download pdf

Location: Phil and Helen’s home
Present: John (Convenor), Helen (scribe), krsna das, Hayra-Fatah, Khore, Matt, Phil Murad
Opening dance: “Shma Israel”
Treasurer’s report: Our bank account has $3481, which includes the Indianola deposit of $850.00. January rent is paid.

Fall retreat

  • We reviewed expenses for last two retreats, feedback forms, and the rare opportunity offered by the Jamiat to seek otherwise-unavailable guest leaders.
  • Hayra-Fatah reviewed her correspondence with possible guest leaders and proposed asking Halima and Abraham Sussman from New England.
  • Abraham was one of Sam’s original students, and Halima danced with Sam during the last year of his life. They want to lead together and are in support of developing local leaders. They don’t need travel expenses or housing between retreats. We decided to offer them $400 as an honorarium.
  • Hayra-Fatah also suggested Phil Murad Notermann to lead with them, as he was requested most often in the feedback forms, he knows the Sussmans through the Unity Council, and he also knows the history and culture of this retreat. Murad was approved as the third leader for the
  • If the Jamiat fails to be held, we may need a last-minute back-up plan for the East Coast leaders.
    Hayra-Fatah will contact the other Oregon/Canadian leaders named in the feedback forms for availability as back-up leaders.

Photos from last summer
We were educated on the technical difficulties which krsna das has been experiencing, investigating whether there would be some way we could assist him, but the conclusion was that we don’t have sufficient resources (financial or tech-savviness) to help at this time. We decided to revisit the issue of an investment/gratitude gift (to facilitate easier photo-taking by kd in the future) once the summer photos are produced.

Use of the dupnw email list to advertise
We discussed the pros and cons of limiting repetitive postings which promote a personal business, and decided that there was no compassionate, enforceable, practical way to do this.

Where to post minutes of this meeting
We reviewed the history of minutes being posted to the DUPPlanningSea list, then to the dupnw list in entirety, then to the calendar at www.thedances.org. Several people have had difficulty finding and opening the minutes on the calendar. We discussed several options. Helen will post the minutes on the calendar at thedances.org; k-d will post the final minutes on the tinyurl calendar; Hayra-Fatah is willing to send a copy to any asking individual. Helen will notify dupnw of the various places the latest minutes are available.

Library materials checkout guidelines
Hayra is the librarian and has many unused materials which have generally been offered only to dance leaders. We decided to make it more known to dancers that these materials are available, with approximately a month time-limit for dancers.

Next meeting:
Feb 9th 6:00 Potluck
7:00 Planning Meeting
Facilitator/Convenor: Matt Salim Gros
Scribe: Helen
Location: John’s home

Action Items:

  • Hayra to contact “backup” retreat leaders for availability
  • Hayra to make library materials available to dancers
  • Helen to post minutes on thedances.org calendar and notify dupnw
  • K-d to post final minutes to tinyurl calendar

Tabled/Future Items:

  • paper calendar for entrance table
  • Facebook to link dupnw with other groups
  • where to post minutes
  • fall retreat planning

Final dance: Rejoice in Happy Times Together

  FEBRUARY 11, 2009  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting      download pdf  

Seattle Circle Planning Meeting - February 11, 2009
Location: John Birnel’s home
Present: John, HayraFatah, Martha (voice for peace) , Krsna Das, Helen (scribe), Liz (voice for harmony), Salim (convenor), Suzan,
Dance: Ya Hayy Ya Huk

Treasurer’s report: Approximately $2400 in bank, $850 of which is reserved for Indianola 2010. Keystone rent is paid through February.

Check on previous action items:

  1. Hayra to contact backup retreat leaders from Oregon/Canada. Hayra inquired about interest, plans to come to retreat and willingness to lead at last minute. Zubin and Michael Sheehan are not planning to come but might be able to lead at very last minute. Chela and Amir don’t know yet, may have conflicts. Devi and Rabia not available. We
    agreed that this is sufficient information for now.
  2. Library materials are not yet available to dancers; we will carry over to next month.
  3. Posting meeting notes. See item below.


  • James Warner is planning to move to Jackson Hole by May 1st. Www.thedances.org will be closed down at that time or before. Therefore, we will need to develop an alternative for archiving our minutes and for an on-line calendar.
  • Leilah Be will be in NW on Oct 23-25th. HayraFatah is encouraging her to be available on a Wednesday, or for a one-day non-residential event in Seattle.

Old business.

  • Paper calendar for entrance table. Martha will print the google calendar, which k-d has posted, as a trial.
  • Hayra will send list of dance leaders which can be added to paper calendar as before.
  • Hayra will ask dance leaders about posting who is leading on the google calendar in addition to the paper copy. . Suzan willing to take over when her printer is available.
  • Where to post minutes: Helen will post final minutes on dupnw files for February and send link to dupnw. She will also post the Vision Team document, and prepare a meeting template for the next convenor.

New business:

  • Facebook presence. We discussed several possible options for a web presence. Salim and Suzan will create a mock site on Facebook. K-d will show us what can be done with google. We will look at these options “live” next meeting.
  • Fall retreat schedule conflicts. Sadness expressed that Whidbey retreat and Burton retreat scheduled for same weekend. Marsh House was able to be shifted to early September. Helen will contact Linda and Lisa, expressing our sadness, offering active promotion of the September retreat, and offering a proactive approach to next year. Hayra willing to be contact, or to delegate a contact person from Seattle or Portland. We wish to be in contact with Whidbey plans as part of the 2009 retreat evaluation process.
  • Peace video fundraiser—request for financial help with a video being made by someone who dances with us occasionally. Hayra will respond with the options open to any dancer, ie putting an announcement/flier on the table or on dupnw
  • Publicity for Aramaic Lord’s Prayer 4/22. John will talk to Brian about fliers and verbiage.
  • Backups for k-d as moderator of dupnw: Brian, Halim and Helen have some privileges. K-d is the only person actively managing the site or calendar. Brian was oriented when k-d was ill. Hayra willing to ask Brian if he feels sufficiently current.

Next meeting:

  • March 9th at John’s house. Scribe: Suzan. Convenor: Liz with Salim as backup. We clarified how to follow up after a meeting. Follow-up discussion or decisions by email are not new topics, only time-sensitive matters which were discussed in the meeting. Action items are bolded in these notes.
  • As only one dance leader (Hayra) was present, PhilMurad was contacted by phone for consensus on the decisions of this meeting.

Closing Dance: Bismillah Round

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  MARCH 9, 2009  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting       download pdf    

Seattle Circle Planning Meeting - March 9th, 2009
Location: John Birnel’s home
Present: John, Liz (convener), Tasnim (scribe), Salim (voice for peace), Krsna Das, Yana, Martha, Hayra, AJ
Opening dance: Light of Water


  • Yana will present DUP at Interfaith Community Churce service, April 5th, 10am.
  • Hayra organizing Mt. Vernon dances, first Sunday of April, May, June.

Previous action items:

  • Facebook site (Salim): Salim showed us a mock-up DUP group that could post announcements on Facebook and explained various features.

Action items:

  • Subcommittee of Salim, Tasnim, and John will solicit more input over dupnw. Salim will research whether we can attach documents, whether personal contact information would be included and how questions could be answered through Facebook.
  • Google options (Krsna Das): Various problems with the dupnw yahoo site and the google calendar were discussed. K-d would like help keeping up the calendar. An IT committee was suggested but no decision was reached.
  • Publicity for Aramaic Lord’s Prayer (John): Brian has created lovely flyers which could be posted additional places than at Wednesday dances.
  • Contact with Whibey team about 2010 fall retreat. At this point the current Whidbey planners are not committing to organizing a 2010 fall retreat. As our 2010 retreat is organized we can check to see if anything is being planned after all, or not.
  • Is Brian still backup moderator for dupnw?

New agenda items:

  • John would like us to discuss the possibility of advertising the dances in Real Change.
    Action item
    : John will get rates from Real Change.
  • Business cards will not be accurate when the websites closes down. We need to get new business cards. The Dances.org <http://dances.org/> seems to be disabled already. The URL we decided to use on the business cards is: www.PeaceWorksDancesNA.org
  • We talked about a new website for DUP NW. Tasnim is signed up for a workshop on how to create a free or low-cost website. Brian has knowledge and KD has knowledge, but we would need someone to keep it up. There are options for free web-hosting. KD would like volunteers to create another website. Anyone interested can come to the next planning meeting.

Treasurer report:
We are consistently running below our rent and digging into our savings.

Action items:

  • Put table in such a place so you have to walk around the table instead of offto the side.
  • Dance leaders need to give creative announcements to get us more money.
  • Suggest $5-10.00 donation instead of $5.00.
  • Salim will make a new sign for the table.
  • Tasnim will bring a glass jar for the donations instead of the basket which has had money pilfered.
    Action item: How to deal with allegations of theft by a stranger
  • Library materials:
    Action item: Hayra will put out a note on the DUP list to find a librarian to check out materials at the dance break.
  • Dance leader attendance: We have been having difficulty having enough
    dance leader attendance to form a true quorum. From the vision team
  • A quorum for approving decisions
    1. is 6 (now 4) people who participate in the Seattle Circle of the Dances of Universal Peace. This quorum must include a minimum of 2 members of the Seattle Dance Team. Four people will provide the needed diversity for quality decisions. Two members of the Dance Team will provide adequate attunement to the Dances to keep the Spirit of the Community on course.
    2.   Persons are eligible to be counted for the quorum if they have attended 2 of the last 6 planning meetings.
    3. For major significant decisions, the Facilitator is responsible for ensuring that a true quorum is present before the decision is made, or postponing the decision until the true quorum is present. True quorums are present when all parties significantly affected by the decision have been given adequate preparatory information, notice of meetings, and opportunity to participate in the process”.
    4. Action i
    tem: AJ will bring issue to next dance leader meeting.

Next meeting: April 13th at John’s house. Helen will scribe. Tasnim is convenor, with Salim as back-up.

Closing dance

  APRIL 13, 2009  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting    download PDF

DUP Planning Meeting 4-13-09
Location: John Birnel’s home
Present: Salim (convenor), Martha, Chris Boyle, Jennifer Nagel, Brian Dina, Helen (scribe) John B, Hayra Fatah (Voice for Peace)


  • Hayra thanks Salim for becoming co-Cluster Coordinator with Hayra, doing computer aspects of the networking.

Treasurer’s report: $2689 in addition to Indianola fee..

Timely Items:

  • We made plans to honor James Warner on May 27.

Pending action items:

  • Website: We decided we could have the financial resources to move forward with a website, should we get a specific proposal together that gains consensus. There was not enough interest to form a committee, but Salim agreed to look at a few other websites to see what other DUP groups have done. We would have to buy a domain name, decide the content of the site, and manage its upkeep.
  • Facebook. Salim’s trial group could provide a free and easy tool for more exposure. We decided to change the status of the Facebook group “Dances of Universal Peace Seattle” to “open invitation.”
  • Print advertising. We decided ad rates in Real Change were too high. Chris brought several other publications which might be better directed at our audience. Personal invitations and fliers at outreach events have been more effective in the past.
  • Business cards: Martha volunteered to paste stickers with the new website address on our existing cards.
  • Allegation of theft: New jar is more secure. Hayra contacted pastor and caretaker. We discussed idea of greeting and including the suspected person, as well as taking his photo. Helen will ask again for volunteers to greet newcomers.
  • Brian as backup moderator for dupnw: Brian will contact krsna das to be sure he has all the passwords as a backup.
  • Still pending; Hayra will seek a librarian to check out materials.
  • Issue of two dance leaders being required by our agreements for a quorum was discussed, but no proposals were put forward.

New biz:

  • A contact person for a Washington Peace network is sought. Hayra will forward the information to John to evaluate how difficult it would be to participate.

Next meeting: May 11 at Phil and Helen’s home, Martha is convener.

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MAY 11, 2009  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting  -  download pdf

DUP Planning 5/11/09
Location: Helen and Phil’s home
Present: Martha (convenor), Helen (scribe), Brian, Phil (Voice for Peace), AJ, Salim, Marti, Hayra, K-d
We began with 3-5 word check-ins and an opening dance: Shabat Shalom


  • 1. Ave Maria will be led at ShorelineUU service on Mother’s Day.
  • 2. Established summer camps are having some difficulty with registrants. Please encourage dancers to consider coming to at least one. Treasurer’s report: $2266 in account, some cash undeposited. Tasnim’s announcements are making a big difference. Before sponsoring the fall retreat we used to give away any overage at the end of the year and we could reconsider doing that again.

Action items:

  1. Salim: other DUP websites report. Whidbey team has an excellent site, which provides basic info to the public, musician attunement/invitation info, tips on how to dance, how to volunteer, promotion of upcoming events, links to videos and photos. Downside is that a website needs someone to keep it up, as well as design it. Brian estimates it would cost $500 to get professional help.
  2. Facebook: The Seattle DUP group now has 103 members, many from out of Seattle area. Is it bringing people to dance? People have mentioned seeing it to Salim. Salim has been sending out a weekly invitation and gotten “maybe’s” from people who haven’t danced with us before. We are connected with other groups, like the Ecstatic dance group. Special events could be announced on the site. Kudos! We could also consider purchasing a formal ad.
  3. Brian suggests investigating meet-up.com. Brian will research the costs and opportunities.
  4. Google-yahoo update (k-d): dupnw is doing well with over 200 members. Kd screens out non-local people. Local and global calendars are kept up to date by k-d. Brian is an administrator according to yahoo.
  5. James tribute—Jennifer has received many entries. Brian is printing photos. Reimbursing Brian for photo paper was approved.
  6. Contribution jar and security issue: Marti told us about the history of Congregational churches and outreach to the homeless. We had further discussion about how to care for both ourselves and the suspected thief. One idea used by some churches is to closely partner the person with a volunteer for the evening.
  7. Hayra requested help with the library and got one response. She is thinking through how to bring items and have a sign-out sheet with due dates.
  8. Attendance by sufficient dance leaders to make a quorum. The circle needs a communication line between leader group and planning group. What’s realistic? Two leaders who have attended 2 of the last 6 meetings seems the minimum which could still fulfill the communication function. We could also reconsider changing the day of the week. We polled those present and Second Thursdays might be an option that would have fewer conflicts than Second Mondays. Brian will make an announcement and tally responses.
  9. Business cards: Martha has stickers, will bring them to Wednesday Next meeting: Monday, June 8. Hayra’s home. Salim will be convenor. Helen will be out of town but may be able to attend by speakerphone; Phil is backup scribe. Don’t forget to put fall retreat update onto agenda.

Action items:

  1. Salim will continue to post on Facebook and report.
  2. Brian will investigate meet-up.com.
  3. Hayra will continue to work on a library check-out method.
  4. Brian will make an announcement about changing the planning meeting to Second Thursdays and tally responses.
  5. Martha will bring stickers for the business cards and seek helpers at dance.
  6. Martha will give us update on fall retreat issues.

Closing dance: Thy Light is in all forms

JULY 2, 2009   -  download pdf

DUPPlanning meeting - 7/2/09
Location: Phil and Helen’s
Present: Tasnim (convener), Helen (scribe), Phil (Voice for Peace), Hayra, Brian, Roy, k-d, Salim


  • Interdependence Party at Bill and Majid’s, various camps and camp-outs coming up. Treasurer’s report:
  • Tasnim’s announcements have been very effective. Our account has $2396 plus some cash. $800 of that is earmarked for Indianola.
  • We will need a new co-signer on our checking account since James has moved to Wyoming. Brian volunteered; he and Phil will meet at a USBank office and Brian will carry a few checks for emergencies. Phil will research getting James off the account.

Web-site Revisited:

  • After reviewing the process up to now, we discussed choosing either google as our web host/web toolkit, or choosing wordpres.org as our web toolkit and bluehost.com as our web host. Brian, Tasnim and k-d will research some issues further, particularly whether we can own the domain name and whether all the tools we need would be offered.“Seattle Dances of Universal Peace” or “SeattleDUP” (in formatting appropriate to a website) were chosen last time as options for a domain name. We decided not to revisit this decision.

Fall regional retreat:

  • We need fliers to be distributed to summer camps. Brian will contact Martha about getting final fliers made by July 15th (final cost needs to be figured), and transformed into pdf format. There are multiple camps and retreats between now and the regional retreat, so we will need to be proactive.


  • Facebook. Has been very successful in terms of bringing new people. Our group has 179 members. Salim will post a few other all-DUP event announcements there: the Marsh House retreat, and the regional retreat.
  • MySpace. Brian reports that it’s mostly for much younger folks, but he will experiment with a posting.
  • AM1090 has an online calendar. Tasnim will research whether a free posting can be placed there.

Keystone floor:

  • Helen was thanked for ironing up spilled wax some weeks ago. We agreed we would prefer more timely clean-up and a better distribution of the workload. Brian agreed to take a suggestion to the Dance Team, that we ask dance leaders who initiate rituals with potential for wax spills, to follow up with a plan for wax cleanup.
  • Phil has left message with the church about sharp objects not being vacuumed.
  • Purchase of a mechanical, quiet carpet sweeper will be discussed next meeting. Healing night:
  • Majid and Bill have asked Salim to be the gatherer of names for healing night. Salim will recruit a back-up person, hopefully not a dance leader or musician. However, the dance leader of the evening could be the backup if necessary.

Transparency of meetings:

  • We had a lengthy discussion about how to make the planning meeting more transparent. We agreed that the job of the convener will include putting out a draft agenda. The scribe will ask for corrections from the group who has attended with a short time-line to respond, and then post the final minutes more quickly on dupnw. We did not reach consensus on the issue of posting a potentially inaccurate rough draft.
  • In an all-volunteer organization, we can’t demand timeliness, rather we can set goals. We thank those who serve as scribe or convener, and for meeting timeliness requests to the degree that they can comfortably do so.

New dancers: We agreed that the efforts to include new people are going better.

Library report:
Not all items were back, but phone calls at least were returned, so items are being tracked. Dance leaders and musicians may keep things out three months unless they are going out of town for an extended period.

Next meeting:
Date: September 3
Location: Helen and Phil
Convener: Hayra

Action Items for next meeting:
• fall retreat publicity, meeting transparency,
• Keystone floor, push carpet sweeper purchase,
• transfer of signers for checking account,
• website research
• library report

   AUGUST - No Meeting

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SEPT 3, 2009 - Open Dance Community Business Meeting   -   download pdf

DUP Planning Meeting 9-3-09
Location: Phil and Helen’s home
Present: Hayra (convener), Helen (scribe), Martha, Brian, Salim, Phil (Voice for Peace), K-d, Tasnim
Dance: Bismillah, Alhumullilah


  • Brian passed around a recent photo from James.
  • Phil Murad reported that there will soon be an announcement about the international network reorganization.

Treasurer’s report: $3643.47 in checking and $785 in cash. Phil Murad will contact the church within 2 months if a check is uncashed. The planned transfer of signers occurred and Brian now is second signer.

Guest leader transpo and honorariums:

  • Several years ago we decided to give a $50 honorarium for pre-arranged guest leaders from afar. This fall we have three nights with invited guest leaders, some of whom will have travel expenses that exceed $50. After discussing various options we decided to raise the honorarium to $75 per dance evening for out-of-town guest leaders who are invited by the group.
  • Phil Murad will call Kadija about the number of guest leaders expected on 10/21.

Internet report:

  • Facebook publicity has been very successful. Everyone is invited to participate, or create announcements. Salim will connect with k-d for the calendar url.
  • Website research: Brian is researching one technical option: seattledancesofuniversalpeace.org and seattledup.org would cost $90 annually with bluehost/wordpress, which includes the domain names, webhosting, and a website creation program. Brian is learning wordpress. K-d continues to favor the option of a free webhost such as google or Harvard. Questions remain about the quality of the options. Brian will continue to learn wordpress.
  • Brian, k-d, Tasnim and Salim will form the technical work group; Phil Murad is willing to learn more as a lay person and look at the google option. Many thanks to Brian, k-d, and Tasnim for the many hours already spent on researching website options.
  • Photos being accessible to web-workers: Brian and Tasnim desire access to the photos taken in the summer of 2008, but k-d says that there are technical and time issues that prevent access. The group agreed not to take any further business meeting time on the issue, and to move forward with new plans for photos. Brian’s vote was standaside; he feels frustrated, exasperated, angry because he had a need for mutuality and cooperation, which wasn’t met.

Keystone Church will have a new caretaker, Ian, who will begin in September. Phil Murad will call church to ask for Ian’s contact information.

2009 Fall retreat: An email was recently sent to retreatants from the last five years concerning housing for couples and signing up for dance-leading. The retreat committee (Martha, Hayra, Helen) designed a plan for optimal use of the new building. Hayra is compiling information from those desiring to lead a dance. We decided to offer a work exchange for musician coordination; Hayra volunteered, and will possibly split the position with Brian. We also decided to offer a work exchange for decorating, which may also be split. Sandra is willing to take the lead in decorating. Decisions about scholarships and work exchange are to be made by Martha with input from the committee.

2010 Fall retreat. There was a clear decision at Sky Camp that Portland’s Crystal Temple circle will not be ready to organize the 2010 retreat. We had planned that 2010 would be at Indianola, 2011 at Camp Burton. Do we want to stay with that plan, and if so, when do we put down the deposit at Indianola? Martha will contact Indianola about their deadlines, and if possible we will poll dancers at the retreat about strength of preferences before making a final decision about 2010.

Next meetings:
• October 1. Convener: Salim Location: Hayra’s home
• November 12 (second Thursday) to allow for debriefing after the fall retreat.

Action items/agenda items:

  • Treasury: Phil Murad will call church about any uncashed checks and to ask for phone number of new caretaker. He will call Khadija about number of expected guest leaders October 21.
  • Facebook: Salim will connect with k-d for url link to calendar for Facebook announcements.
  • Website: Brian will continue to learn wordpress; Phil Murad will look into google as a lay person; Brian, k-d, Tasnim and Salim will form work group.

Fall retreats: Martha will make needed decisions about housing, scholarships and work exchanges, and contact Camp Indianola about deposit deadlines.

Tabled issues:

  • Keystone floor care and carpet sweeper purchase
  • Meeting transparency
  • Photography for website

Final dance: Thy Light is in all forms

  OCTOBER 1, 2009  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting

Location: Hayra¹s home 2010
Present: Salim (convener), Helen (scribe), Phil, Sandra, Hayra (VfP), Martha, Brian

1. Announcements: New dance at CSL in Bellevue on second Sundays

2. Treasurer:

3. Social Networking Report:

a. Facebook continuing to be strong with 214 members. Salim
will link to dupnw calendar.
b. Hayra has discovered two other on-line groups that might be
of interest to us, but we would need a volunteer to explore further.

4. Website:
Brian has constructed a sample website, which was posted to dupnw, in Dreamweaver with a google calendar embedded. We made suggestions for additional content. Brian is still learning Wordpress and will see how the content works in Wordpress, which would have the advantage of allowing others to edit the website. Phil will look into google as a layperson.

5. Fall Retreat:
We have 30 registrations so far, with the early deadline 10/16. We discussed work exchange and scholarship options. $60 has been contributed to the scholarship fund. Martha will continue to screen applicants and make scholarship decisions, as well as housing assignments. We will ask for a tithe if items are brought for sale. Indianola deposit: we¹re penciled in at both camps, but neither will take a hard reservation. We plan at the coming retreat to have a discussion and/or evaluationss and decide which site to choose in 2010 after input from the campers.

6. Photography
at October 21 meeting. Photos of our circle are desired for the new website. We have a policy which allows unobtrusive photography at
special events with prior notice. It was unclear how unobtrusive photographing could be at this time of year. Salim will ask about non-flash quality from friends with mid-level cameras. In the meantime Sandra will seek older photos of our circle. We will wait for more clarity before announcing a night when photography is permitted. At a later meeting we may discuss implications of the WaliAli event being photographed and dancers possibly being confused.

7. New item: request from Patricia and Terry
, who would like to experience a dance or two celebrating their marriage on a Wednesday in October. We agreed that this would be a lovely idea, if specifics can be arranged with the appropriate dance leaders; there are several upcoming meetings already committed to guest leaders or specific themes.

8. New item: Long Dance:
Sandra proposed that we revive the practice of Long Dance. Since Saturdays were cancelled we haven¹t done many cycle dances or longer dances. We agreed to send a request to the dance leader team for one Wednesday night of Long Dance per quarter.

9. New item: We agreed to reimburse Helen
for two bottles unscented hand gel. She will post a dupnw announcement from Wash-yer-hands Helen.

10. Tabled items:
floor care and meeting transparency.

Summary of action items:

1.On-line publicity:
Brian will work on Wordpress, Phil will explore google as a layperson. Salim will continue to handle the Facebook group.

2. Photography:
Salim will investigate flash-less camera options. Sandra will contact Farishta and/or others about older photographs.

. The next meeting will largely be devoted to debriefing the fall retreat and deciding where to place the deposit for 2010.

. Hayra, Phil, and Brian will attend the dance leader¹s retreat on Sunday and bring the request from Patricia and Terry, and the request for Long Dance.

5. Helen will purchase scentless hand gel
and make anannouncement on dupnw.

Next meeting: Phil and Helen¹s home,
SECOND Thursday, 11/12.
Convener: Sandra.

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   NOVEMBER 12, 2009  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting

Location: Phil and Helen¹s home
Present: Sandra (convener), Helen (scribe), Brian (VfP), John, Hayra, Phil, Martha, Tasnim

Opening dance: Angelic Bismillah

1. Announcements
• Brian is playing in Michael Tomlinson concert and has a limited number of guest passes. Contact him if interested.
• New circles at ICC, Mt. Vernon and Bellevue all seeking dancers.
• Hayra and Phil will start 3-year dance-leader/dance-deepening class spring 2010.
• 4/15-4/17 Hayra and Phil have several appearances inSalem/Portland

2. Treasurer¹s report: $3570 total in bank after retreat.

3. Fall Retreat report:
3a. Financial report:
Martha provided us with a spreadsheet comparing the last three years. This year we lost $308.40. We gave $925.50 in scholarships, which was more than previous years. Our pricing didn¹t reflect increases in Camp Burton¹s charges, particularly the costs of the new retreat center. We were generous with scholarships and set fees low because our funds were flush and having the Sussmans was a special opportunity.

We agreed to ask the retreat committee to pre-calculate a break-even fee point for a conservative number of campers early next year, before setting the fee and making a flier. Phil will research existing formulas for break-even point calculation that include determination of the price we will need to charge in order that we can break even with a reasonable number of campers coming. Next spring we will determine the specifics of the raised fees, as well as scholarship/work study roles, definitions and amounts.

3b. Location of 2010 retreat:
We reviewed camper evaluations.
11 of 25 rated Indianola as "no thanks". 2
1 of 34 rated Camp Burton as "highly preferred."
We agreed that next year¹s retreat will be at Camp Burton, but that we will continue to explore other options. Brian stands aside on this decision.
It is not known what Camp Burton¹s pricing will be next year, nor whether we would be committed to filling the new retreat center if we decide to offer the nicer accommodations. Martha and Helen will craft an email to this year's participants asking whether they would choose the new rooms if the price was realistically high.

4. Our request for Long Dance was received enthusiastically by the Dance Leader team. It will be held once per quarter, the first in February, led by AJ and Halim. Martha will add it to the February calendar and we will need to be sure it is well announced.

5. Publicity:
a. Brian is still working on a website in Wordpress.
b. We noted a number of younger people at the retreat came from the Portland circles. We had younger faces this summer, but this fall we are not seeing as many. Might we need more energetic, younger Dances?
c. John may have time to investigate an announcement about the Aramaic Prayer on radio or local magazines. It can be announced as a special event on Facebook. Salim welcomes input to the Facebook announcements.
d. We decided not to arrange for photography at the Aramaic Prayer.
e. Sandra will send a SASE to Farishta, who has agreed to loan us some of her older photos for the website.

6. The Keystone floor is noted to be in better condition since the arrival of the new caretaker. Unless we receive new complaints, we will consider this item complete.

7. Request for a higher percentage of non-Sufi dances. Several dancers have recently spoken to Sandra, distressed because the Dances of Universal Peace are seen to be morphing into Sufi dancing. Repetitive motions with side-stepping are especially difficult, so zikr or Aramaic dances are onerous. This item will be taken to the next Dance Leaders Team meeting.

8. Items rolled over to the next planning meeting:
   a. Healing Night attunement: including
      •additional themes or focuses on that night
      • the number of names requested/spoken.
   b. 2010 Retreat planning: scholarships versus work study, budget
   c. Dance Leader Team: including more non-zikr dances
   d. Publicity: website follow-up and photography
   e. Planning meeting transparency

9. Action items from this meeting:
   a. Phil will research break-even formulas. Martha and Helen will email registrants about affording the new retreat center.
   b. Brian will work on the Wordpress website. Sandra will send a SASE to Farishta.

10. Including dancers who cannot stand: Our final dance, "Thy Light Is In All Forms," was a successful experiment with a seated dancer acting as a

11. Next planning meeting: January 7th.
possibly at JohnBirnel's, with back-up location at Hayra's.
Convener: Martha. Scribe: Brian

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