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  JANUARY 7, 2010  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting

LOCATION: John Birnel's House

Isis / Hafiz / Hayra / Phil / Jamil / John B / Sandra / SkyStar / Martha / Helen / Tasnim / Brian

~Ballard and Bellevue Dances this weekend

~Phil says we have $3674 in the checking account
~We are paid at Keystone thru the end of this month
~Keystone still a little slow cashing checks, but not AS slow
~Insurance paid up for another 3-4 months
~Martha asks about Honorarium for guest leader Kabir last Oct 9th?
   `Phil: Khadija said "not necessary"
~We agreed to compensate "Debra Shomer& Friends" $75 for travel expenses should they come from Pt. Townsend to lead in Seattle.
~We agreed that we will compensate Out of the Area leaders $75.
~Sandra agreed to draft proposal as to what Out of the Area means (Whidbey? Portland? Mars?)

~Facebook: Salim sends news that we have 270 members on Seattle Dance Facebook page.
~Brian still not focused enough to get website going with WordPress.
~Phil looked into Google website building options - easy to do- but address is difficult

~Martha: do not feel I have permission to give out that list
~Phil agrees
~Hayra suggests asking people, upon registration, if they want to be on mailing list for other events
~Martha will send email to folks who attended Camp Burton 2009, to ask if they want to be notified of dance related events.
~She will assure people that she herself will forward event notifications and use BCC. This is so the mailing list will not be "captured" and/or misused.
~Brian would be willing to help forward emails as well

~Organizing Committee: Isis/Suzan/Sandra, possibly Gisela
~Hafiz suggests that this is a timely issue and that the community day not be put off for too long.
~Hafiz: this is a good place to discuss why we come together, hold hands, and dance.
~Hayra: wants to discuss % of Sufi dances and invocation at the community day ---AND--- requests discussing other topics as well.
~We agreed to a pre-authorized budget of $450 for the community day
~Request to look into Gisela's place as location
~Brian: request to look into Keystone as location, since that's the place we call home
~Request to consider dance history, possibly a video
~The organizing committee will report their progress and concerns at the February meeting.

~Long discussion ensued regarding the decision making process for Agenda items
~BRIAN: This is more talk and philosophy than I can keep track of

~ISIS: the dancers want to have a voice, not necessarily power, but to be heard
~Suzan agrees
~Phil: The opportunity to be heard is available both on dupnw as well as at the dup planning meetings where everyone is encouraged to express themselves
and also has voting rights.

First draft of minutes goes out to people in attendance
Attendees may ask for:
~A correction of what they said
~For something that was left out of the minutes to be added (something that was actually discussed at the meeting NOT additional commentary)
~For something they said to be deleted or limited to that which is essential to the record
~When those present agree that the minutes are accurate, they will be postedto dupnw

~JOHN: glad to see 2 young people at dance last night
   Would like to see a high energy dance evening advertised ahead of time
~JAMIL - maybe young people also want an evening of quiet/meditative dances
~Long talk about attracting young people
~SUZAN: in addition to high energy, we need dances that appeal to young people.
~PHIL: dances have been mostly a "boomer" phenomenon globally
~SUZAN - monthly dances at College in Olympia Spiritual group that meets weekly, do dances about once a month It helps that Jo Curtz is mentoring a young leader, Evie
~A trial Younger-People-Higher-EnergyFocused-Night was agreed to, and Hayra shared about a potential way the team would be able to accommodate this request. Present Dance Leaders agreed to take the request to the up-coming SDT meeting.

===MARTHA's 60th=======
~Gonna celebrate Martha's 60th next Wednesday. Phil/Lu/Martha will work out the details

~SALIM: Additions to healing night
~SKYSTAR: how about meetup.com?
~Report back from COMMUNITY DAY committee.
~Sandra to send SASE to Farishta for photographs
~Website report from Brian
~Celebration of Hafiz on a Wednesday evening in February

===NEXT MEETING=======
~DATE: Thurs, Feb 4
~LOCATION: John Birnel's, 719 N 68th St, Seattle
~SCRIBE: Helen (Brian as backup)

  FEBRUARY 4, 2010  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting  


Skystar / Salim / Martha / Sandra / Isis / John Birnel / Phil / Helen / Liz / Brian / Hayra / Brigitte

(1b)===Convener / Facilitator======


(2b)===TREASURER's REPORT======
rent paid up thru February
Tasnim's weekly announcement really helps

(3)===COMMUNITY DAY CELEBRATION for FEB 27===========

  • We advocate for 4 meetings a year.potluck .plus time to get to know each other and time to address issues that we are aware of in manner listed below. A community celebration
  • We have chosen Saturday Feb 27 from 5pm -10pm for our first gathering.
  • Four meetings of 5 hours each at Keystone at $25 per hour renting the downstairs where we can have a potluck is equal to $450
  • The amount of $450 that has already been agreed upon by the planning committee last month goes toward four community meetings
  • We need a check sent to Keystone for rental on the 27th 0f $125.00
  • Isis, Sandra and Tasnim volunteered to create a community gathering, the need having been
  • Observed after a collection of voices responding to the email Toward the One
  • At the last planning meeting $450 was allotted to finance the community meeting.
  • After discussion between Isis, Sandra and Tasnim a decision was reached about different ways to give voice to the community. None of us were interested in creating a day of discontent. We wanted a celebration.
  • We feel that one meeting would not make the kind of community or ongoing voice that is important.
  • We will ask for donations to help pay for tea, and disposable dishes.
  • The first issue to be dealt with relates to dancers being able to lead a dance. outside of our usual dance scheduled time. Numerous people have voiced a desire and need for this. Some interested in perhaps making the commitment to become a dance leader but want some experience of it beforehand. We understand why this can't happen on a regularly scheduled dance night. We would like to keep the energy light and fun and without critique unless asked for.
  • Second issue is dancers being in charge of the event in order to rebalance some leadership energy.
  • We will have a time in which those present can anonymously, write down and add to box, any changes that
  • The community would like to see happen. The 3 of us , which can change as time goes on, will choose those that appear most frequently and find positive ways to incorporate them into the next community celebration
  • We will also have a time to get to know each other thru some drawing of questions yet to be decided.
  • I have not addressed the fact that there is great appreciation for all the Dance Leaders and their devotion and dedication to the dances and to community. ~The call that is being attended to, I believe, is for more community and more ways to serve other than leading dances or as musician.


  • Isis - we didn't want to do a whole day
  • 4 community celebrations/
  • year X 5 hours
  • Lead dances that may not work on Wednesday
  • Eating and games to get to know each other
  • Having a place to get to know each other better.
  • Brian asks if there will be feedback from the community
  • Isis - there will be feedback forms
  • John/Phil - I'd like to see that feedback brought back to planning committee
  • Isis/Sandra agree
  • Door prizes? e.g. gift certificate for massage
  • Isis - we might not have time for a lot of stuff
  • Hayra - I liked the idea of possibly winning something

(4)===NEXT WEEK WITH HAFIZ=================

  • Matt - would like to send Lu off with a drum?
  • Martha - drums are personal, maybe give him a gift certificate
  • (4a)---ACTION ITEMS----------------
    Sailm - will check with Patrick to see if he will sell the drum Lu likes
  • Salim will try to buy the drum for $150 or less
  • If not, he'll find a drum at John's Music (that Lu can return)
  • Phil will help with that.
  • If drum is less than $150, look into buying a case as well
  • Lu said he would like balloons. Sandra will bring them.
  • Sandra will buy card
  • Lu photo to Sandra?

(5)===YOUTH DANCE EVENTS=============

  • Brian - suggests highly interactive dances like "Tree of Life" and "Healing Time"
  • Hayra - Phil and I led for YouthCon and kids liked it
  • John - have Evie (from Olympia) lead

(5a)===ACTION ITEMS=================

  • John is willing to contact Amanda at Univ. Unitarian
  • Liz - contact Bob Efferts (on Whidbey) who works a lot with kids

(6)===HEALING NIGHT=========

  • Salim - hesitate to combine things on that night, but there are some
    instances where that would work out e.g. this week LU
  • Hayra - from time to time, it's OK to change healing night to 3rd Wednesday
  • Brigitte - Lu and Healing night is not much of a conflict because Lu is
    "Mr. Healing"

(7)===2010 FALL DANCE RETREAT========

  • Helen - let's form sub-committee
  • Martha - let's get a list of possible leaders / local vs guest leaders /
    male vs female
  • Brian - asks that committee bring ideas back to planning group, but also have authority to make decisions when there is a time crunch
  • Liz - Bernie didn't dominate, he was just one of the three leaders
  • Martha - Is this a regional retreat?
  • SUB COMMITTEE - Brigitte /

(7a)===ACTION ITEMS==========================

  • Martha/Sandra will contact various leaders so see who is available to lead at the Fall retreat and bring those names to the next business meeting.
  • Martha & Helen will begin looking at the budget

(7b)---GUIDELINES for COMMITTEE===============

  • Preference for regional leaders, but open to possibility of outside-region-leader (if it falls within budget)
  • Region = Western WA, Western OR, Western BC
  • Request for distribution within the areas of the region
  • Request for mix of genders (if we have 3 leaders, then we could have one of each)
  • Preference for 3 Leaders


  • Retreat budget
  • Choose retreat committee
  • Martha/Sandra - report on which leaders are available to lead
  • Guest dance leader compensation
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Phil/Helen: proposal on how we make time dependant decisions via email
  • Tithe to the international network

===NEXT MEETING============
DATE: Thursday March 4th
LOCATION: John's house

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Policies (as of Feb 2017)  Read   pdf   •   Original Vision Team Report  (from 2003)  Read   pdf
  MARCH 4, 2010  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting     

Location: John Birnell¹s home
Present: Salim (convener), Brian, Isis, Sandra, Phil (VforP), Helen (scribe), Hayra, John, Martha, Brigitte, Skystar

Opening dance: Healing Dance

Treasurer¹s Report: Total is $3428, of which $240 is in the scholarship fund, with rent paid through March.

Report from Community Celebration:
The community day was well attended and enjoyed by all. A summary from the questionnaire was presented by Isis and Sandra, which will be taken to the dance leader meeting. The questionnaires are a poll of opinions, not a vote. There was also information shared about doing other invocations and/or creating another invocation that was specific to the Dances. There was further discussion about the ratio of dances from Sufism versus other traditions, and the suggestion that a video from the history of the dances might be included in a future community day.

Fall retreat planning:
Helen and Martha worked through the formula provided by Oneness Project and proposed a base fee of $155, which was approved. We will reserve the Retreat Center only if 15 campers pre-commit to the higher housing cost of the Center. An out-of-area leader would cost approximately $500 and add $12 to the base fee, which was approved. After discussion, we decided not to add an additional amount for scholarships, but will request scholarship donations as we did last year. Martha reported that three of 10 out-of-area leaders had responded. We agreed that the committee may choose an out-of-area leader within the $500 budget. Martha and Brigitte volunteered to serve on the retreat subcommittee.

Guest dance leader compensation:
After looking at a proposal from Brian that suggested compensating by mileage and ferry costs, we decided:

  • The planning meeting will fund up to 5 invited visiting leaders per calendar year, no one leader more than once per year.
  • An invited guest leader coming from outside Seattle but within a 50 mile radius will be given $50, and $75 will be given a leader coming further than 50 miles. For example, Michael Sheehan, who has been invited to lead this coming quarter, will receive $50 because the driving distance is 31 miles, i.e. under 50 miles.

Facebook report: The Facebook group is 280 people. Salim has sent 77 invitations to dance-related events. Appreciations to Salim!

Decision-making between meetings:
Helen gave a brief history of the issue. Our group has become too large to efficiently deal with an urgent issue by email. We decided to form a
rotating executive committee, consisting of the convener of the previous meeting, the convener of the coming meeting, and the voice for peace of the previous meeting, who will be entrusted to make decisions between meetings if necessary. We will attempt if at all possible to make decisions at the planning meeting itself. We will continue to use the same criteria, ie that the issue being decided must be too time-sensitive or too urgent to wait until the next meeting, or the concluding detail of an issue that was discussed and decided at the previous meeting. We will make an effort to think through provisos of our decisions more thoroughly. We will try this system for three months and revisit the question in June.

Next meeting: April 1
Location: Isis¹s home 940 North 163rd #405. (Park on street / sleep in the gutter) 206-883-5568        
Scribe: Brian
Convener: John

Closing dance: Breathing Bismillah

  APRIL 1, 2010  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting

In attendance: Isis, Sandra, Helen, Derek, Brigitte, John Birnel, Sky Star, Hayra, Martha,Brian

There is $3632.32 in the account

===FALL RETREAT=====================
LEADERS CHOSEN: Shemaho (BC), Chela (Bend), Michael Sheehan (Whidbey)
DATES: Nov 5-7
LOCATION: Camp Burton


  • BRIAN says he's still not ready to learn WordPress
  • We have to come to the conclusion that no one has the energy to pursue this right now. We still open to the possibility of having a website when the right person(s) come forward.
  • If someone feels called to take this project on, we are considering a monetary reimbursement. Price not yet determined.
  • BRIGITTE will talk with Michael Sheehan and ask if he can create a website that's Editable Via Browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc)

===MONROE PRISON======================

  • SKY STAR proposes dance outreach at the prison. Tells us "inmates need connection and community. That they are dedicated to attending programs."
  • She also informs us of some of the rules at the prison:
  • Visitors can only shake hands with the inmates, and only at the beginning and the ending of an event. No hugging.
  • We need to ask if we can hold hands during the dances?
  • SKY STAR will ask.
  • Does the prison need a long term commitment?
  • Or can we do it a couple of times to see how it works?
  • We will need a background check, but can we skip the orientation of we go with somebody who has done the orientation? SKY STAR will ask.
  • If we decide to do it on a regular basis, do we ALL (dance leaders, musicians, dancers) have to go thur the full orientation to get a "full time" visitors pass. SKY STAR will ask.


  • HELEN: we haven't done this since late 2007.
  • MARTHA: The Intl Network is figuring how to generate income for things such
    as their website, the Mentor-Teacher guild, etc.
  • MARTHA says that some Munir and Sky have suggested that tithing money should stay local, within their region.
  • Annual Card money goes to the North America Region
  • We have decided to tithe to $180 to Intl and $180 to the North American region.

===HEALING NIGHT=======================

  • We discussed how to focus the energy at the monthly Healing night.
  • BRIGITTE wants us to consider "what is our intention for the monthly healing night."
  • There are concerns about the length of the list of names and the time it takes to read them. SANDRA will speak with Salim about this.
  • There are concerns with the list of names being kept for posterity. SANDRA will ask Salim what happens to the names after they are read.
  • BRIAN will take these 2 topics will to the Dance Leader meeting.


  • On first Wednesday of the month
  • SANDRA will be the person to remind the dance leaders that it is "Birthday Night" probably before the meeting and during the announcements, should the leaders forget.


  • JOHN: emailed Unitarian youth leader - no response
  • JOHN: should we be in touch with Bob Efferts?
  • SKY STAR: "youth" doesn't necessarily mean adolescents and 20-somethings.
    To me it means people under 45
  • ISIS: how about doing programs at the YWCA and YMCA? They have all sorts of
    spiritual programs. Maybe we could do dances there.
  • Maybe we could discuss this at the next Community Day. ISIS will put this
    on the list of possible agenda items for the next Community Day.
  • SKY STAR will put out announcement List Serve asking who's interested in joining a committee to attract youth
  • ===ACTION ITEMS==========================

    (1) SKY STAR will ask if we can do hand holding during the dances at the

    (2) SKY STAR will ask about who has to attend orientation at Monroe Prison.

    (3) SKY STAR will as if the Prison will allow us to try a dance meeting or
    two before committing to a regular program.

    (4) PHIL to write checks: $180 to Intl / $180 to he North American region

    HELEN: please inform PHIL of this

    (5) SANDRA will ask Salim what happens to the names after they are read,
    since we really just don't know.

    (6) SANDRA will talk with Salim about concerns over the length of time it
    takes to read the names during the monthly healing dance.

    (7) BRIAN will bring the following items to the next Dance Leaders' Retreat
    on April 11.

       (7a) Healing night and how we might shorten the time it takes to read
    the names.

       (7b) What is the intention during healing night. How can we best serve
    the community without depletion of energy?

       (7c) Ask how people feel about keeping of the names read at healing

       (7d) Concerns with the list of names led read at Healing night being  kept for posterity.

    (8) ISIS will put "youth dances and YMWCA/YMCA dances" on the list of
    possible agenda items, for the next community day.

    ====BRIAN AS FACILITATOR=======================
  • Brian has agreed to facilitate but wants to direct the evening in a more business like manner. He says "I ask that everyone consider W.A.I.T. i.e.
    Why Am I Talking?
  • "I will ask that people consider not speaking their opinion on EVERY subject, but rather, ask yourself 'will this move the meeting along? And if you really feel a yearning to express what's true for you, please go ahead. But still remember W.A.I.T.
  • "If we know why we are talking, we tend to get to the point, we get more done, and most likely, people listening stay more focused and the likelihood
  • that you are heard probably increases."
  • People agree to have Brian facilitate.

    ===NEXT MEETING===============================
    DATE: May 6
    LOCATION: John Birnel's
    SCRIBE: Helen
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MAY 6, 2010  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting

Location: John Birnel¹s home
Present: Brian (Convener), Brigitte (Voice for Peace), Phil,
Helen (Scribe), John, Isis, Matt, Martha, Hayra

Dance: Green Grows the Tree

Treasurer's report: $2970 plus some undeposited cash.

Youth outreach:

Report on taking Dances to YMCA (Isis): We could offer DUP at Shoreline YMCA if we show 501-c-3 status and provide promotional fliers. Our local circle does not have 501-c-3 status, but Peaceworks NA does. Many families belong to the Y. Sandra and Skystar have been given the

Support of young dancers: $38.50 is approved towards a young attendee coming to the first session of the Full Presence Dance training
series. Support for further sessions may be requested if there is sufficient interest.

Photography at Keystone:
Current photos would be useful for website, archiving, and media requests. Non-flash photography can only be done mid-summer. A proposal to allow non-flash photography during the first half of Wednesday evenings on June 16, 23, 30 and July 7 was approved. We will designate 1-2 photographers per evening. Helen will send out notice to dupnw. Several cameras and volunteers are available.

Hafiz requests a $60 scholarship to Sky Camp, which was approved in thanks for his 30 years of unpaid service to our circle.

Paul F. requests $80 grant and $80 loan for Sky Camp. We decided to direct most of our scholarship awards to the fall retreat at Camp Burton, which we put on, and not to make loans for this purpose. Brian will contact Paul with the suggestion that an application for a half-scholarship for Camp
Burton would have a better chance of approval.

Sandra and Skystar request a work exchange scholarship for beautification. We have a budget item for one full beautification position, which could be split. Murad will clarify if this request is in addition to the budget item.

Website report:
Brian spent 10-15 hours putting it together at www.briandina.com/sdup Many thanks to Brian for beautiful work. The website currently appears in different formatting on different computers, and will need trained volunteers to use the google calendar. Martha is willing to enter upcoming leaders since she is making the paper calendar already. A youth webpage could begin with information about scholarships to Wilderness Camp. We will plan to discuss content, including a recently uploaded brochure, at the next meeting. Brian will send out a reminder to look at the website.

Facebook report: we have 345 members, who are interacting on the network.

From the Dance Leader quarterly retreat:
1. The dance leaders send a request for designated greeters.
2. The dance team will offer opportunities to lead a dance to those who might want to experiment with leading. A dance team liaison would
supervise the novice leader. We agree to announce both items at the next community day.

Scheduling of community day:
Organizers are requested to seek out potential conflicts prior to scheduling the next community day; it is recognized that avoiding all scheduling conflicts won¹t be possible.

Healing Dance:
Salim consulted with others who have done this work and was given the suggestion of dropping the option of keeping a name indefinitely on the list unless removed. We entrusted Salim with phasing out the ³permanent² list.

Next meeting:
Location: Isis¹s home
Convener: John Birnel
Scribe: Brian
(Interim executive committee: Brian, John, Brigitte)

Action items/agenda items:

  • Helen will announce photography on dupnw
  • Murad will contact Hafiz and Sandra/Skystar about scholarships
  • Brian will remind us all to review the website Website content
  • Volunteers for website training
  • YMCA/YWCA dances
    Photography in June: confirming photographers
  • Brigitte will contact Lee Amin about photography
  • Decision-making between meetings--evaluate "rotating executive committee"
  • Closing Dance

  June 3, 2010  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting

WHERE: Isis’s home

IN ATTENDANCE: John B (facilitator), Sandra, Brian, (scribe) Hayra,
Brigitte, (Voice of Peace) Martha, Isis, Helen, Salim


====FALL RETREAT=======================
1 full scholarship for Beautification approved for Sandra.

Tabled until Sky Star re-initiates the agenda item.

Martha and Isis will photograph on June 16

Brigitte will ask Lee Amin if he is available for June 30 or July 7 (to take photographs, if need be)
She is approved to offer him $30 for transportation costs.

Brian will move the website to www.SeattleDancesOfUniversalPeace.org
and to www.SeattleDUP.org
Cost will be around $100/year.
Brian will put on his credit card and then bill the treasurer i.e. BillPhil

Brian will show Martha how to use the google calendar and for the time being they will share calendar duties.

The decision was made to keep the calendar “lean.” specifically, DUP events

The team agreed to compensate Brian $350.
Brian will BillPhil

===COMMUNITY DAY==================
There were 24 people who attended the eating and sharing portion and 14 of us who danced!

The intention of the Community Celebrations has been to have a forum where we can share our unique selves with the one circle, have people from the community lead dances and experience merging dances.

People did seem to enjoy this sharing time during the potluck, although early leaving interrupted the focus a bit.

Isis and Sandra have focused the last 2 Community Celebrations. In order to keep the community involved, they are interested in having other community members offer suggestions and volunteer to help in future Community Celebrations. Possible date for next meeting: Oct 23.

If you would like to participate in the next Celebration please contact Isis or Sandra.
ISIS: icharest8@yahoo.com SANDRA: dampearthwomyn@verizon,net

This was a request from Dance Leaders Retreat
Isis will send out email to dupnw ask for greeters, and keep a calendar
We would like it if greeters could come a little early (maybe 7:15pm)

This consists of the previous Facilitator, the Previous Voice of Peace and the next Facilitator. The executive committee assesses whether a decision can wait till the next business meeting, or if it has to be made right away.

We agreed to stay with this policy as long as we believe it is still working.

===AID TO PAUL FERRIZ============
We prefer to offer financial assistance by giving money for scholarships.
Our first priority is continuing to provide ongoing weekly dances for the Seattle community.

Secondly, we would like to help dancers who are experiencing acute emergencies in a fair and equitable manner, so as not to be in a position of determining the validity of one case over another (affected by availability of general funds which fluctuate).

We have decided to encourage those community members, who feel called, to take on a stewardship role, to set up a personal collection for Paul, and others in similar positions in the future. This could include requests on DUPNW as well as announcements during the break on Wednesday evenings.

As the previous Executive Committee, Brian and Brigitte were in touch with people who are familiar with Paul’s situation and have expressed concern. Brian and Brigitte will contact those people to see if one of them will volunteer to set up a collection for Paul.

Camp Burton - 50% discount for the first 10 for dancers ages 18-29
Brian will post on YOUTH page on website.


  • Salim – maximum exposure on FaceBook
  • Ask Sandra if she wants to pursue dances at the YMCA / YMCA. She says she would need someone to help her with this.
  • $38.50 youth scholarship for the Fall Full Presence Dancing
  • Website: who should be on the CONTACT page

===NEXT MEETING==============

DATE: Sept 2
WHERE: Sandra’s house in Everett (Phil and Helen’s as backup)
603 100th PL SE, Everett, WA dampearthwomyn@verizon.net
(425) 220-5606 / 425-348-5423

JULY 2010  -  NO Business Meeting

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   AUGUST 2010  -  NO Business Meeting


SEPT 2 , 2010  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting

WHERE: Sandra’s in Everett

IN ATTENDANCE: Hayra (facilitator), Martha, Brian (scribe), Salim,
John B (Voice of Peace), Sundari Sandra

DANCES: Green Grows the Tree of Our Unity / Mir / May the Road Rise With You

~$3790 (not including donations from Sept 1)
~paid up at Keystone thru end of September
~$360 for yearly insurance due soon
~Brian wishes to let go of being backup for the bank account as he feels he is busy enough with fliers, the website, leading, outreach.
~Martha has agreed to be backup for the bank account.

ACTION ITEM: Martha will work that out with Phil

===HEALING GROUP============
(1) Sandra, Salim, Majid and Dancing Bear will work together to coordinate the monthly healing night at Keystone. (2) Brian will work with them to set up an email, such as healing@SeattleDUP.org and/or a web-form that will be forwarded to whomever is taking care of names that month.

(1) Currently, the previous Convener, the previous Voice of Peace and the upcoming Convener form this committee. In the case that one of those people cannot serve, we decided that the two remaining people can likely come to a consensus (as has been the case a few times).
(2) In that regard, it has been decided that anyone serving as Convener or Voice of Peace should have attended at least 3 previous meetings (not necessarily consecutively). That is to assure that those on the Interim Executive Committee have some familiarity with the issues that they may be deciding on.

Isis and Skystar were the ones who expressed enthusiasm for creating dances at these venues. Sandra was willing to help. Since Isis and Skystar are currently taking time off from dance, the YWCA and YMCA locations will not be pursued at this time.

===SCHOLARSHIP for Young Adult for Dance Training=======
We have approved a 50% scholarship (totaling $37.50) for a young adult to attend the 2nd session (October 2010) of the Full Presence Dance series.

(1) Salim will write up instructions on how to share dance announcements with Facebook friends
(2) John will send email out to DUPNW announcing SeattleDUP.org and announce it at Keystone
(3a) Brian will print up SeattleDUP business cards and order a large quantity for low prices of attractive cards. SeattleDUP.org and details for our weekly meeting will be printed on the card. Contact names, emails and phone numbers will be added via gummed labels for the back of the cards (for the time being, the labels will include contacts of John, Hayra and Brian). This will allow changes of contacts over time.
(3b) Brian will print up mailing labels (to put on back of cards) for those who request that.
(3c) Brian will bill Phil for cost of cards and related supplies.

(1) We will list dance leaders in the Greater Seattle Area on the website, via a hyperlink. Preface to this list: “Seattle area dance leaders who are members of the Seattle Dance Team and other leaders in the Greater Seattle Area who are certified dance leaders'"
(2) Members of the Seattle Dance Team will be designated with an * - against Brian’s objection
(3) ”Greater Seattle Area” is defined: from Bellingham to Olympia and North Bend to the Ocean
(4) We will list the leaders in alphabetical order using first name or spiritual name
(5) Martha will contact various certified dance leaders to see if they wish to be listed and which cities/areas they wish to be listed for.


(36 beds available so FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! We need a minimum of 15 folks to rent the housing at the Retreat Center):
(3 beds used per room)
$180 US, $170 Cdns if post-dated by Oct 15 / after Oct 15: $195 US, $185 Cdns
(2 beds used per room)
$200 US, $190 Cdns if post-dated by Oct 15 / after Oct 15: $215 US, $205 Cdns

(6-10 persons with full bathroom)
US $155, Cdns $150 if post-dated by Oct 15 / after Oct 15: $170 US, $165 Cdns

2010 Youth discounts available - 50% off for ages 13-29 (for first 10 applicants).
Under 18 needs guardian & signed Guardian Release Form

ACTION ITEMS for Martha and Brian
(1) Work out verbiage for fliers (very short)
(2a) Work out verbiage for 8-1/2 x 5-1/2 signs (that Brian will laminate)
(2b) Signs will also ask that people turn off CELL PHONES
(3) Work out verbiage and locations to post this on the website.

SCRIBE: Sandra
John’s House (719 N 68th St)
Brian as backup (10295 NE 189th ST #304, Bothell)

 OCTOBER 7, 2010  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting

Location: John Birnel’s home
Present: Brian (convener), Helen (scribe), AJ, John, Hayra (Voice for Peace), Derek

Dances will be held Friday, 10/29 on Vashon Island at Vashon Intuitive Arts Center.
Full Presence Dance series: new leaders are emerging. Jennifer will be leading soon, and support for new leaders is requested.

Treasurer’s report: $2791 in bank and cash, with annual insurance and October rent paid.

New location with wood floors: John has interest in finding a location with better flooring. We discussed pros and cons of carpet and wood flooring, and various alternate locations were suggested. If John locates a good option, we will consider holding a special event there.

Outreach: Brian willing to make up a flier designed for the yoga class that precedes the Dances, and John is empowered to post it if inspired. Business cards have been delayed due to Brian’s illness.

Fall retreat: Registrar reports 28 people signed up, 15 for retreat center, 12 in cabins and 1 youth. Three other youth have inquired. We are committed to 1 full beautification and ½ musician-coordinator work exchanges. Most people wait til the early registration deadline, so we will know much more after October 15. Other scholarships are dependent on number of registrations.

Sandra has requested assistance with beautification. John volunteers to be available at noon. Other possible helpers may emerge from those seeking scholarships. We will first request help from youth for ferrying cups; Helen can be backup.

Titling of minutes: Hayra requests the same format when posting the email title, so that the minutes can be automatically filed. it will always be filed automatically. She suggests DUPPlanning Notes 2010.10.07

Greeters: Tasnim suggests we reconsider designating formal greeters. We have agreed this is a good idea, but locating people willing to come early has been difficult. Hayra will call Tasnim and invite her to send out an email and set up a more formal schedule with those who reply.

Listing Dance Leaders on our website: Currently Brian, Hayra, Helen are listed as contact people. Last meeting we decided that Certified and Seattle DUP leaders will be listed after being contacted for permission. Martha was going to contact certified leaders from Olympia to Bellingham, between the mountains and the ocean. Brian suggests adding a leader who is not certified but who leads regularly on Bainbridge Island. We decided to table the issue until Martha has finished contacting leaders and is present for further discussion.

Content of announcements: Derek brings concern about a reference to a hot political issue during announcements causing discomfort. We agree that his sharing has raised consciousness about the potential for issues that could be seen as political becoming divisive.

Notice of change of format: Derek also brings concern that dancers who are not on the dupnw list and/or come late were not pre-informed of the change in format on the night of the Mayan ritual. Direct prayer to any deity has the potential to be offensive if not adequately framed. Additional efforts like a sign posted on the door were suggested. The matter will be taken to the leader’s meeting this weekend.

Next meeting:
second Thursday of November 11, (after Burton retreat) at
Phil/Helen’s home.
Helen will post changed date to dupnw list .
Brian is willing to scribe.
John is willing to convene.

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   NOVEMBER 11, 2010  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting

Brian, Phil, Jamil, John B, Helen, Tasnim, Salim, Martha, Salim

===OPENING DANCE==============
“We Circle Around”


Hayra – MT Vernon dance was really sweet on Sunday
Helen – The outreach at Western Oregon Univ. (Monmouth) was very successful (60 dancers)
Oregon leaders are wiling to share what they learned. About a dozen people worked on the project.
Hayra – Bellevue dance this Sunday

===TREASURE’S REPORT=====================
$2805 (after the retreat / recently made annual insurance payment)

===POST CAMP BURTON RETREAT======================

$250: profit
Discussion of what to call various budget/accounting items:
WORK-EXCHANGE: (financial assistance with retreat fees, in return for work before/during/after the retreat)
SCHOLARSHIP: (financial assistance with retreat fees, with no expectation of work)
HONORARIUM: monetary acknowledgement of much work done on the retreat

$125 Honorarium to Martha Phil has written check
Hayra gets another ½ Work-Exchange ($77.50) for being music Boshi Phil has written check

After those items, the retreat profit: $51.80
NEXT YEAR: DATE: Nov 4-5-6, 2011 LOCATION: Camp Burton

Dance leaders will not be listed
on the www.SeattleDancesOfUniversalPeace.org website

===CONTACTS on the WEBSITE======================:

Hayra and Brian. Tasnim to be added. Brian has completed this

===CLOCK for KEYSTONE=========================

We will buy a clock for Keystone. Budget: up to $25 Action item: Helen and Martha

===HOLIDAY CARD=========

$44 for stamps Action item: Helen & Martha

===REPORT FROM SEATLE DANCE TEAM ====================

Hayra: dance team has already signed and sent cards to Brigitte and Yana.
The Planning Circle appreciates this and decided this was sufficient.

===NORTHWEST HARVEST NIGHT=====================
Tentatively Nov 17. Phil will check with AJ Action item: Phil
Phil/AJ will put out emails on DUPNW announcing the Northwest Harvest evening. Action item: Phil and AJ
Hayra will follow with additional email to DUPNW Action item: Hayra

===LOCATION of MINUTES on the WEBSITE===============
Three ways to get there:
Go to www.seattledup.org
Near the TOP of every page:
hover over ABOUT
Go to www.seattledup.org
On the BOTTOM of every page
3rd line down
Go directly to: http://seattledup.org/minutes_2010.htm

Jamil and Tasnim will coordinate greeters.

===SELLING at the DANCES=========================

In the past Tasnim has brought items for sale on the table. We are OK with that happening again.
Hayra notes that it essential that delayed closing of the building does not result, in relationship to this.
Everybody must be out of the building at 10pm sharp.

==NEXT MEETINGS==================================:
December 2: 6pm at Phil & Helen’s Party and Potluck…no business
January 6: (6pm potluck, 7pm meeting)
   LOCATION: John Birnel’s, 719 N 68th St, Seattle, WA
   CONVENER: Helen
   SCRIBE: Jamil

===AGENDA ITEMS===============================

The www.SeattleDancesOfUniversalPeace.org website only lists CERTIFIED LEADERS and MENTOR…and

John, Helen, Salim

===CLOSING DANCE====================
Grace Marie’s “Peace Be With You”

   NO MEETING IN DECEMBER  -  potluck on Dec 2 at Phil & Helen's instead

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NOTE: Some of our Dancers are highly sensitive to fragrances (soaps, natural essences,
perfumes, colognes, hair spray). Please do not wear these to Dance events if possible