Open Business Dance Meeting - 2011  
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  JANUARY 6, 2011  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting

Brian Dina, Murad Phil Notermann, Jamil Townsend, John Birnel, Hayra Fatah, Helen Gabel (via phone)

Location: John's house
Facilitator/Convener: Murad
Scribe: Jamil

$2,520 is in our bank account.
Donations to Northwest Harvest totaled $152. (see below)

Helen (who made herself available by phone) proposed that the dance community donate another evening's proceeds to Northwest Harvest, as we usually make a larger donation. This proposal was discussed and was adopted by unanimous vote.

Hayra said she would bring the matter to the Dance Leaders Meeting to see if anyone wanted to facilitate a `themed evening' related to the donation. There was discussion about the need to bring the `donation evening' to the attention of the community 2 or 3 weeks prior to the date.
Phil suggested that the Dance Leaders chose the date.

The need to form a committee for this year's Dance Retreat was discussed. The Committee selects dance leaders after many factors are taken into consideration. Their choices are based on input and information provided by members of the community, in addition to gender mix and geographic mix of the leaders. The Committee also is responsible for financial planning of the event which may involve transportation costs and other expenses of leaders and helpers, depending on funds available.

It was noted that Martha Bracken is willing to assist once more in pricing the event and will serve again as Registrar. The Retreat Committee will consist of Martha, John and Jamil.

Dates of Retreat: November 4th, 5th and 6th.

After a discussion regarding the format used to attribute the photos of dancers on our website to Krsna Das it was the unanimous decision to continue to use the `Web standard' form of attribution, which contains the credit information directly below the photo. However, as part of the decision, it was also agreed to provide KD with an alternative choice which is more difficult and time-consuming to implement. This alternative is referred to as "Enhanced" and also provides accreditation directly below the photo. The difference lies in that, if the photo is copied in the web-standard format now being used, the attribution would disappear, whereas, in the Enhanced format, the attribution is contained within an invisible frame below the photo and if the photo is copied, it would be included.

This agenda item, submitted by Sundari, was tabled to be discussed when she is present. It will be placed on the agenda for next month or whenever she is in attendance. It has to do with dance leaders calling out `men,' `women,' `on the breath,' and so forth, which some members feel interferes with their concentration/meditation.

Brian reported that Dances of Universal Peace North America set up a connection with for local DUP communities to use. DUPNA pays ½ of the cost and we pay ½. The Cluster Fund (that Hayra independently manages and which is sourced from Dance Outreach tithes) paid $18 for six months, on a trial basis. If our circle were doing this on our own, the cost would be $144 a year. MeetUp is a social networking site designed to facilitate local gatherings based on people's interests.

Search terms include `Sufi,' `spiritual,' `dance,' etc., for a total of 15 terms. When someone is searching MeetUp for any of the terms, DUP will be shown as an option and they can check `Join' to receive notices of Dances. Brian would like DUPers to sign up to show that we have an active group. Two new people who found us on MeetUp said they were coming to the Bellevue dance.

Brian will send out reminders for people who sign up. He is using it primarily to get the word out about the Bellevue dances, but may use it for other venues or occasions as well. He does not intend to use it regularly for the weekly DUP dances at Keystone, as that would be too often. Brian submitted instructions for accessing and joining MeetUp to be placed in the Minutes. (see below)

[1] Go to
[2] Under "Topic or Interest" type in "Dances of Universal Peace"
[3] Under "City or ZIP/postal code" type in a City or Zip code in the Puget Sound area
[4] Click "Search"
[5] Click on "Dances of Universal Peace – Puget Sound"
[6] Click on JOIN US (purple box near the top-right of page)
[7] MeetUp members can just join the Dances-of-Universal-Peace-Puget-Sound MeetUp group
[8] Non-members need to join MeetUp first (it's free)

John reported that he checked out some other sites as possible meeting places for DUP. One he felt would be particularly suitable for Dances is the Queen Anne Methodist Church which has a large circular space with wonderful wooden floors. This information is for future reference.

Date of next Business Meeting: February 3, 2011
Location: John's home, 719 N 68th St,, Seattle
Facilitator/Convener: Jamil
Scribe: Brian

Brian and Hayra to tell dance leader's meeting about the decision to have another Northwest Harvest donation evening.

Donations for Northwest Harvest
Direction `call outs' by dance leaders
MeetUp update

  FEBRUARY 3, 2011   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting  

ATTENDANCE: Sundari, John B, Helen, Phil, Martha, HayraFatah, Jamil, Brian
Facilitator: Jamil / Scribe: Brian / Voice of Peace: Hayra

Hayra led All My Relations


$1602 in bank + approx. $100 in cash
Paid thru February (just paid rent of $700 + insurance $400)

Comments included: The treasury can drop quickly, so it’s good to have $3000+ in checking account

===NW HARVEST===============
$230 on January 26 + a little food
Time before was $152

===WEBSITE PHOTOS============
KD prefers watermark, but OK with below-picture-attribution
For future pictures he wants the watermark in place.

SUNDARI brought a concern expressed by several dancers concerning the overuse of Men/Women callouts by dance leaders.
Comments on Callouts included:

  • can be jarring
  • require attention and can pull one out of the meditation
  • like hearing the different resonances
  • less beneficial when done by rote
  • dance leaders need to follow guidance
  • dance leaders can also be prone to ego involvement
  • sometimes 2 dancers, one right after the other, will express two opposite viewpoints regarding exactly the same aspect from a specific leading of a dance
  • timely calling out is a skill that requires a circle, for a leader to fully develop, so may happen more with new leaders
  • there have been more “calling outs” in the last year or two
  • there has been no change in amount of “calling outs” over time
  • Feedback might be more useful if one speaks directly to the dance leader. And maybe right away, say something like “tonight, I felt/had a concern/etc…”
  • S.A.M. did create some dances that required paying attention.
  • suggestion for leader to consider, is a call out (men/women/on the breath) really needed for this dance in this time and place?
  • when a person approaches a leader w feedback, it may represent 10-20 opinions.
  • calling “Brothers” or “Sisters” sounds more cohesive.
  • sometimes, not everyone hears a callout but the flow of the circle seems to work
  • it’s important that callouts are loud and clear enough to not cause confusion
  • hearing difficulties can have to do with aging ears also
  • callout are easier to understand, if leader proceeds them with something like “and now the brothers…”
  • making the dance leaders more conscious of such issues is useful

Hayra, Phil and Brian will bring this issue to next leaders retreat for discussion

BRIAN: We had good start, but new membership has fallen off..
I’ll try changing the categories to see if we can reach a few more people.
Our $18 six-month subscription is thru the end of June. After that it goes to &72 for six-months. In a few months we can start discussing whether or not we want to continue at that $72 price.

Phil led his dance “It’s right in your face.”

===CAMP BURTON RETREAT========================

  • Hayra and Martha will come up with some sort of proposal for youth scholarships.
  • Brian will change website “Youth” page to read “15-30 Y.O.”
  • Post info about possible scholarship support from the Seattle Circle on website.\
  • Some scholarship may be available/offered based on: Financial needs / age16-30 / or work exchange. Contact will be Martha

Darvesha, as camp director, is pushing to get more young people to attend, partly because there will be some younger leaders at the camp. This is a good year for youth to attend.

Oneness offers a $460 adult rate, $360 for 13-29y.o. (with ¼ off for limited number), $260 4-12y.o.
In addition, there may be some partial scholarship support from the Seattle dance circle.

Brian will update the Wilderness youth scholarship information on the website.

===Sky in the Road on the WEBSITE CALENDAR============
Is it appropriate to include their May 21st Seattle Benefit Concert on or Website? YES
Considerations included:

  • Concern about setting a precedent for including non-DUP items on DUP calendar.
  • Benefit of putting it on calendar to aid DUP event organizers in avoiding double-booking the community with this (likely popular) event.
  • Concert is a benefit for Hope Project in India… details per its good works and connection with Pir Vilayat and Hazrat Inayat Khan reviewed.
  • Hayra will send info to Brian (DONE)
  • Brian will post to website calendar.

We Circle Around (partial comedy version)… led by Sundari, et al

Hayra and Martha: will share ideas in regards to working on delegating funding to support younger dancer participation at camps.

===NEXT MEETING================================

DATE: March 3

LOCATION: Phil &Helen’s


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  MARCH 3, 2011   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting     

Seattle DUP Circle
Planning Meeting
March 3, 2011

 Location:  Murad and Helen’s home

 Present:  Sundari (convener), Helen (scribe), Hayra (voice for time), John (voice for peace), Murad, Jamil, Salim, Brian

Sundari offers a carpool to the Mt. Vernon dance

 Treasurer report: 
$ 2203 in the treasury. Rent for March is paid. We received a compliment from the caretaker about the condition of the church after we leave.

 Style of Minutes 
We had a substantial discussion about how much detail should be included in the minutes for this group. On the one hand, copious detail can be considered more complete, more transparent, and more accountable. On the other hand, copious detail can be both impractical and open to misinterpretation without the complete context. There is no way to avoid bias in what is selected by the scribe, even with copious detail. Martha asked for opinions on the subject from Munir Reynolds and Sky Majida, who scribe for the INDUP (International Dances of Universal Peace) and NADUP (North American Dances of Universal Peace) board meetings.
We agreed by consensus, with Brian standing aside, to adopt their combined suggestions: “Minutes that give a fair view of a meeting give the substance of what happened without bias or unnecessary commentary. Personal information doesn’t go into the minutes, nor a lengthy record of discussion unless it is necessary to flesh out why the group made the decision it made. Another thing the minutes track is action items and who volunteered to do what.”

 Vashon retreat: 
Martha volunteers to chair the retreat planning committee, which hasn’t met yet. Martha will contact Tim Hanley about leaders for Sky Camp and Lisa Fladager about dates for the fall Whidbey retreat. We will need a preliminary flier in May. The committee will meet in March, reviewing the surveys from last fall. Helen will also forward suggestions she has received from Oregon leaders.

 Web PR: 

Meetup group: Brian has changed categories, has had a few hits and 32 members. In June the free signup time will be over. So far it’s not as successful as Facebook.
Facebook: Salim would love someone else to take over posting announcements on Facebook.
a. Brian will post the concert by Sky in the Road once contact information is available.
b. Definition of “youth.” We decided to leave “15-30 yo” as the tab for youth events. More information about scholarships to Camp Burton will be posted “in the fall.”

 Youth scholarships to Wilderness Dance Camp: 

We decided to send scholarship money directly to Oneness Project, marked for WDC youth scholarships from Western Washington. WDC criteria for youth is for ages 13-29. We will decide the amount in May and post the information on our website at that time.

 Gratitude donation: 

We decided to give $100 to Sundari for her gifts of flowers and fabrics to our sacred space. This is in thanks for past service, not an obligation for the future.

 Future agenda items: 
1. Leaders for Camp Burton
2. Youth scholarships at Burton
3. Amount of youth scholarship for Wilderness Dance Camp

 Action items: 
1. Martha to contact Tim Hanley and Lisa Fladager
2. Burton committee to meet to choose leaders. Helen to forward information.
3. Brian to post Sky in the Road concert if contact info becomes available

 Next meeting: 
Thursday April 7th.
Location: Murad and Helen’s home
Convener: Martha
Scribe: Helen

  APRIL 7, 2011   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting

April 7, 2011

Location: Murad and Helen¹s home

Present: Martha (convener), Helen (scribe), John, Brian, Sandra, Phil,
Derek, Hayra, Jamil (voice for peace)

Dance: Deeper, Deeper

Announcements: Bellevue Dance this coming Sunday.

Treasurer's Report: We have $1965 in the bank account, with some amount of
uncounted cash not yet deposited.

We reviewed action items from the previous meeting:

  • Martha reports that Sky Camp leaders are decided, Halim and Tara Andrea from Santa Fe.
  • Whidbey retreat will likely be in September if it happens this year, so no conflict with Camp Burton.
  • Camp Burton committee has met, decided on possible leaders, has sent out emails, and is waiting for responses by April 18th.
    The goal is a flier by late May.

===Old Business==========

A youth scholarship for Wilderness Dance Camp had been proposed at an earlier meeting since this year¹s WDC is especially focused to attract youth. After discussion about the pros and cons of different amounts, we decided to send $360 to Oneness Project, to be specifically used for Western Washington youth(s), with a second option being support of children from Western Washington if no youth apply. We do not expect a refund. Murad as treasurer will send the check and clarify with Oneness Project staff.

===New Business==========

Donations to other causes at Wednesday night circles. A
donation to relief efforts for the Japanese earthquake was requested during
the announcement break. A side donation was taken up, separate from the
usual collection jar. We agree to retain, as a general policy, use of the
standard collection for support of the dance circle or specific DUP
activities, with separate side donations on a side table for specific
In general the planning committee would OK the cause on a case-by-case basis, with more urgent matters being approved by the interim
executive committee.

Query about
what we have done to attract and retain a more culturally diverse crowd. We shared our experiences over several decades, with various outreach attempts being consistently unsuccessful. While the Dances celebrate universalism, they don¹t seem to have universal appeal. We have generally valued attraction, not promotion. Perhaps scholarships to camps in the same spirit as the youth scholarship we approved earlier would be an option.

Next meeting
Thursday May 5
Murad and Helen's home.
John will be convener / Jamil will be scribe.
Interim committee: Martha, Jamil and John.

Action items
1. Leaders for Camp Burton chosen (Camp Burton Committee).
2. $360 to Oneness Project, specified as above (Murad).

Final dance: Grace Marie Kyrie

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MAY 5, 2011   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting

Location: Murad and Helen’s Home (7:30pm)
Present: John Birnel, Murad Phil Notermann, Brian Dina, Sundari Sandra Greer, Martha Bracken,
                 Jamil Townsend, Hayrafatah, Helen Gabel, Salim Matt Gras
Convenor: John
Scribe: Jamil
Voice for Peace: Hayra

Treasurer’s report: Seattle DUP has $1,697 in it’s bank account. In addition, there are two weeks’ dance donations ready for deposit, totaling $194. A $300 donation was made to Wilderness Dance Camp Youth Scholarship Fund.

Camp Burton Retreat Committee: Martha reported that email invitations have gone out to specific dance leaders asking if they are interested and available to lead at the Camp Burton retreat in November. Only a few answers have been received, so follow-up emails are being sent out. Martha said she would prepare a retreat flyer to be given out at Sky Camp.

Issues involving Vested Interest: An issue was raised regarding the need for a policy governing the situation where a planning committee member may personally benefit from a Planning Committee decision (for example, being selected as a recipient of a scholarship). A discussion ensued about the best way to address such a situation, for example, when a member is present at a meeting where a vote will take place in which that person has a vested interest. It was decided that the potential recipient could remain present for preliminary questions and answers, but would absent him or herself during final deliberations and the voting.

The following policy was adopted by consensus: “When someone has a vested interest which is being voted upon, they may remain present for a question and answer period, but the decision-making will be done in their absence.”

Photos:   Photos will be taken on June 15, June 22nd, and 29th and on July 6th during the first part of the Dances. The dates will be announced at the Dances, beginning one month ahead of time. Brian will place a Notice card on the entry table the night the photos are taken. The Planning Committee will invite only specific photographers to participate.

All photographers must agree to the following conditions before they are authorized to take photographs during the Keystone rental hours (Wednesdays from 6:30-10pm):
1) All Photography service is voluntary and there is no agreement per compensation in any form.
2) All raw images (i.e. without watermarks or other crediting) of photographic service are to be made available to Seattle DUP Planning within 2 weeks of shoot.
3) Photographers will hold no limitations on the usage of authorized photographic images. This means that DUPP has full rights to use of raw and/or modified photographic images on (but not limited to), posters, etc.
4) Photographers are not authorized to shoot during times when the functional sounds from their camera may be audible above the music of the Dances.

Past photos: A request was received from a photographer of some of the photos on our website, asking for their removal. The technical aspects of honoring this request were discussed. A consensus could not be reached. It was agreed that the item would be addressed at the next meeting.

Facebook: Salim reported that we have 380 people on our Facebook (FB) Page. FB intends to archive all “old group formats,” which would include DUPs Page. He said we could then create either a “new group format” or a new Page. When this change takes place, we have to be careful about options so we don’t lose our membership list.

Salim said he is not certain what this new policy really entails and how it may affect us. Brian and Salim agreed to find out the particulars regarding the change in format.

Meetup: Brian said that our Meetup membership is due for renewal at the end of June. It would cost $72 for a six-month renewal. We have 35 members. It isn’t entirely clear if we have gained new DUP members as a result of Meetup, but we have definitely had new people come to Dances on occasion. Brian said he would talk with Shivadam in Arizona to see what response he has had from Meetup membership. The decision of whether to continue membership was postponed to the June meeting.

Break at this point. Dance: “Equanimity, Upeka.”

Keystone Caretaker: It was brought to the committee’s attention that the current caretaker (“Ian”) at Keystone church has been doing an exceptional job of vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, etc. He is pleasant to deal with and conscientious. It was unanimously decided to present Ian with a $30 gift certificate. Martha will make an announcement at Dance and Brian and Hayra will prepare an attractive letter for dancers to sign to go with the card. In addition, a note will be sent to Pastor Rich Gamble telling him that DUP is very pleased with the good job Ian is doing.

Next meeting: The next Planning Committee meeting will be at Hayra’s home at 17625 6th Ave. NW, in Shoreline on June 9th.
Jamil will be the Convener
Helen will be the Scribe.
The Interim Executive Committee is John, Jamil, Hayra.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.
Ending dance: “Open up your Heart like a Rose.”

Action Items:
Martha: Camp Burton Retreat flyer for Sky Camp
Brian and Jamil: Contact Photographers
Salim: Explore changes in Facebook format for groups
Brian: Contact Shiva Adam re Meetup
Brian and Hayra: Caretaker gift certificate, card for signatures and note to Pastor Gamble

June Agenda Items:
Removal of photos on website
Meetup renewal

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June 9, 2011  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting

Present: Hayrafatah, Krsna Das, Jamil, Martha, Brian, John, Sundari [see below]
Facilitator: Jamil
Voice for Peace: Martha
Location: Hayra's house in Shoreline
Meeting commenced at 7:15pm


  • Sundari will be having knee replacement surgery on August 23 and requests visitors at her home during recuperation.
  • Hayrafatah announced Dances on the Farm: Saturdays June 25, July 9, August 6 in the Stanwood area. Dances begin at 4 p.m. with potluck at 6p.m. Information on website and on flyers.

No Treasurers Report

===Old Business====================

A Thank you note and gift certificate to the Keystone caretaker (Ian) will be given next week. Brian and Hayrafatah are handling this item.

Our Policy regarding Photography was reviewed:

  • There is NO photography during the time we rent our dance space at Keystone: 6:30-10:00 p.m.
  • The ONLY exception is our yearly photo taking on 4 Wednesdays, around the Summer Solstice Season.
  • These photos are taken by photographers approved of, and invited by, the Planning Committee
  • Photos are taken only during the first half of our Dance Meetings.
  • Cameras are not to be heard over anything happening during the Dances.
  • Photos become the resources of the Dance Circle, with credit given to the photographers (sans watermarks). Photos will never be sold.
  • Martha will be one of two people taking photos this month.

Photographs on Website:
[Note: Murad and Helen participated via phone}
Discussion ensued regarding photos on the website.

  • Decision was made by all present, to credit Krisna Das for the 2 photos of his being used on the banner/header.
  • Brian will create a separate page for those photos.
  • The photos on that page will include the artist’s-mark.
       See this at :
  • Please Note: the banner/header (on the top of all pages on the website), with the 1 Krsna Das photo on it, will NOT have an artist’s-mark on it.
  • Gallery "Seattle 1," which contains photography by Krsna Das, will be taken down, to be retained by Brian in a separate file, only to be used with Krsna Das permission, possibly at a later date.
  • Brian will move gallery "Seattle 2" into the place of gallery "Seattle 1."
  • The committee moved to compensate Brian for reworking the website for two hours work (up to $80.00).
  • Brian stated that the job will be completed by July 31.

Dance: Allah Hi Hu!

Camp Burton:
John, Martha, and Jamil are this team. Martha will supply Brian with Leader bio and information for a Flyer.

Website Renewal:
Decision was agreed to spend $125 to retain our two domain names for a year and for web hosting.

There are 35 people currently on this list. It was agreed to spend $75 for another six months, and will consider renewing again then.

New Business:
Reviewed policy regarding donations for individuals and causes/disasters:

  • The Planning Committee is to be notified first, by the individual who will make announcement and handle the donations.
  • A donation basket may be placed on the Networking table at the Dance Meeting for two consecutive Dance meetings.
    Sundari will contact Salim regarding latest donation inquiry.

Housekeeping Items:

  • John will contact Keystone to inquire when the church has a clean up day so that DUP members who feel so called may participate.
  • Brian requests Ian’s phone number as a Keystone contact; Sundari will get information.


Next Planning Meeting: September 8th, 6pm potluck, 7pm meeting
Location: John Birnel's, 719 N 68th St, Seattle   206-782-6129
Facilitator: John
Interim Committee: John, Martha, Jamil

Closing Dance:  Hayrafatah - Equanimity

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm

JULY - No Meeting


   AUGUST - No Meeting

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Policies (as of Feb 2017)  Read   pdf   •   Original Vision Team Report  (from 2003)  Read   pdf

SEPT 8, 2011 - Open Dance Community Business Meeting

Location: John Birnel¹s home

Present: John, Phil, Jamil, Hayra, Brian, Helen, Tasnim, Maryam, krsna das,Brent

Facilitator: Jamil
Voice for Peace: John
Scribe: Helen and Brian

Announcements: a one-time event is coming up in Anacortes, also an all-Jewish night (see website for details). Seattle dance team has been generously welcoming and incorporating several budding new dance leaders.

Treasurer: Our inflow and outflow remain balanced. Currently we have $2017 in the bank account.

  Old Busines  

1. Keystone cleanup day: Keystone Church did not respond to John¹s call

2. Camp Burton retreat report by Helen (for Martha): The final flyer is available. The price for each lodging type will be raised $20 per person, mostly due to Camp Burton¹s fees being raised. The budget includes a registrar, one full beautification staff and one full musician boshi, as well as youth scholarships at same level as last year. Tasnim and Jamil volunteer to assist or substitute for Sundari, who will fill the beautification position.

  New Business 

1. Support for Hafiz co-leading Aramaic Prayer in December is requested by Hayra. Past policy would approve $75. Hayra proposes $100., which we approved. John requests a date as early as possible for adequate outreach publicity. Helen requests a half-day introductory workshop if possible.

2. Hayra requests a more NVC approach to the wording of the feedback form to encourage more speaking from personal experience. If Hayra develops an alternative wording, she¹ll bring it to a future meeting.

3. Clarifying boundaries between FPD, DUP and DUPP
As of right now, FPD (Full Presence Dance Retreats/Workshops) does not make regular reports to DUPP
PHIL: FPD is accountable to the Mentors-Teachers Guild
Series started May 2010
Total of 9 weekends (so far there have been 4)
Current attendance: 14
HELEN: Phil, Hayra and I take full responsibility for FPD's finances
PHIL: DUPP is a good forum to express concerns about FPD

4. Maryam¹s concerns about not being accepted to FPD
Much discussion.
There are different memories of what took place in the selection process for FPD.
Maryam is invited (by Phil) to send some past emails to Phil.
Phil is open to more one-on-one discussion with Maryam.

5. Jamil suggests adding "Community Enhancement" as a more general topic to our next meeting. Maryam was invited to email Jamil or the next convener if she has interest in furthering this idea.

6. Krsa das shared concerns about the lack of integration of his photographs and calendar into the community website.

Maryam asked whether these could be nested in the website or the website put on hold in the meantime. Prior attempts to integrate the photos were enumerated. Brian volunteered to contact krsna das about the calendar, then time constraints stopped discussion. The topic is open to discussion at the next meeting.

Other tabled items: our desire to honor kd

Next Meeting:
When: 10/6/2011
Where: John's house  /  719 N 68th St, Seattle  /  206-782-6129  /
Convener: Jamil  /  206-697-5077  /
Scribe: Helen with Tasnim as backup

We adjourned at 9:45.

 OCTOBER 6, 2011   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting

When: 10/6/2011
Where: John's house  /  719 N 68th St, Seattle  /  206-782-6129  /
Potluck: 6pm
Convener: Jamil  /  206-697-5077  /
Scribe: Helen with Tasnim as backup
Present: Jamil (facilitator), John, Martha (VofP), Helen (scribe), Brian, Murad by phone for decisions

First dance: Open Up My Heart Like a Rose

Treasurer’s report: $1640. Up from a low of $1300 mid-summer, down from $2000 at end of spring.

Aramaic Prayer PR:
John has made multiple media contacts. Brian has full and half flyers, which can be changed if a pre-workshop is organized or another illustration preferred. John will compile a list of media contacts which could be stored in the minutes. A Facebook announcement will be made closer to the event.

Camp Burton November 4-6:
Report from registrar: there are 33 full-pay registrants currently; we need 45 to break even. Scholarships are given once we break even. In 2009 and 2010, the amount of scholarships asked, was about the amount we could afford and still break even. We agreed to fund scholarships rather than retain funds after the break-even point.

Proposal to honor krsna das:
Jamil will purchase thank-you cards, which can be signed by the circle.

Community building:
We discussed several options for weaving closer social connections which have been successful in the past, such as special community events and gatherings before or after Dance.
Jamil will put out signup sheet to gather emails of those who might be interested in going to dinner together, and then send a doodle or survey monkey poll with possible dates to those who express interest.

Dance Leader honorarium clarification (from March 4, 2011)

The current policy reads:

  1. Planning meeting will fund up to 5 invited visiting leaders per calendar year, no one leader more than once per year.
  2. An invited guest leader coming from outside Seattle but within a 50 mile radius will be given $50, and $75 will be given a leader coming further than 50 miles.
  3. We added a sentence of clarification:
    The Seattle Dance Leader Team will decide and schedule which leaders will be invited.

Last week Hafiz was given mistakenly given $70 travel money, confusing the approval for the Aramaic night with his recent trip. We agreed to amend the total honorarium to $120, with $50 remaining to be paid in December. Murad and Helen will contact Hafiz.

Closing Keystone at 10pm.
A recent event sponsored by the Ruhaniat was still going at 9:55. The Keystone minister reminded the group forcefully that “you have an obligation to be out of the room by 10pm.” We agreed that local Dance Leaders or planning members will also take responsibility for monitoring the time, and speaking up if the event isn’t coming to a close in a timely way. Murad will connect with the church to express regrets. Murad and Hafiz are encouraged to either complete the Aramaic Prayer by 9:50, or to make prior arrangements with the church.

Funding to open Keystone at 5:30 on 10/26.
We approved the extra hour if it is available. (Note: church is available at 5:30 on 10/26.)

Closing Dance

Next meeting: Nov 10th, at John’s home. (Note: Second Thursday due to Camp Burton retreat.)
Facilitator: Brian
Scribe: Helen

Action Items:
Contact Keystone concerning regrets and 10/26: Murad
Aramaic Prayer media contact list: John
Thank you cards: Jamil
Signup for social event: Jamil
Contact Hafiz Lu: Murad and Helen

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   NOVEMBER 10, 2011   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting


Location: John¹s home

First Dance: Sri Ram Pranam

Present: Hayra, Leslie, Martha, Brian (convener/facilitator) , Jamil (VfP), John, Helen(scribe)

Treasurer¹s report: $1350 in the kitty.

Reports on action items:

  • John reports no encouraging responses from media contacts about Aramaic evening. He has sent list of contacts to Brian to post for future
  • Jamil arranged for cards to be signed and mailed to krsna das.
  • Jamil has had about 12 people sign up to do something social together, who are being polled about preferences and locations for
    activities. Events will be announced as they emerge.

Redefining a quorum:
Dance leader team (SDT) is aware that two dance leaders may not always be available for the planning meeting. The SDT would be OK if our
quorum was defined as one dance leader instead of two. All non-leaders present expressed discomfort/sadness about this idea. We decided to wait until it¹s clear that this is a real problem before making an official change.

Global Peace Dance:
Hayra, N¹Shama and Cedron are holding the concentration this year, which will be the last at the Hatha Yoga Center. Hayra sees an opportunity for publicity in the U-District that might draw young people interested in a non-alcohol event. Helen, Leslie, and Jamil volunteer to help with postering. Brian will research possible clubs/groups at UW to contact.

Camp Burton report:

  • Finances: We made about $200 profit, with 10 scholarships, flower expenses, and 6 full staff covered. Qahira is compiling feedback forms. We approved a proposal to award $100 to Martha for the very large time commitment involved in the registrar job. Brian proposed purchasing the battery-operated candles which were in the centerpiece, if Sundari is willing.
  • A card thanking Sundari was signed.
  • Dogs at Camp Burton: Camp Burton staff was unhappy about dogs coming, even if they remained in a car. One dog was claimed as a service animal, which raises the issue of disability accommodation. Jamil reviewed and read out the federal ADA rules, which have a strict definition of service dogs. As a religious organization we are not compelled to comply with the ADA, although Camp Burton might have to comply. Jamil believes Camp Burton has the legal right to refuse a dog that isn¹t trained to help a specific person with a specific disability. Martha will inquire at other campsites about how they deal with this issue.

Christmas cards for Peaceworks:
Stamp money ($44) for holiday card mailing was approved. We
will probably address cards at the 12/7 Circle.

End time for Aramaic prayer:
Murad was contacted; he agrees to aim for 9:30 end-time.

Renew Meet-up membership:
Our group has 39 members with not much overlap with list-serve. Meetup costs $36/6 mo. A few people have been prompted to return to Wednesday night but no obvious new dancers have been gained. Outreach dances (Bellevue and Des Moines) have benefited from the MeetUp group, drawing some new and experienced dancers. We agreed to renew for 6 months. Brian volunteered to re-design our sign-up form to ask how
people hear about us.

Next meeting: Thursday, January 5th
Facilitator: Helen
Scribe: Leslie
Location: Phil and Helen¹s home

Final dance: Kyrie

   DECEMBER  -  No Business Meeting 

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