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    Open Business Dance Meeting
- 2012   
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  JANUARY 5, 2012  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting        download pdf

Facilitator / Convener: Helen
Scribe:  John Birnel until Lesley arrived.
Voice of Peace: Jamil

Members present:  Brian, Jamil, Helen, Martha, Murad (Phil), John, Lesley (arrived late).

Opening Dance: Shanti Prad Shanti

Meet Up – Brian set this up in December 2010 – would be helpful for dancers to join and then RSVP to dances as that would show intention of larger turnout. meetup.com/Dances-of-Universal-Peace-Puget-Sound/

  Discussion of status of the dance circle 
What is emerging, what needs to happen, how shall we listen.

Discussion of what is working (requested by Helen)

  • She notes at the last dance that many people came that we hadn't seen in awhile.  Several dance leaders were there. The energies of dances were light, fast, & deep, the musicianship rich, the voices full/rich.
  • Generally, the room is beautified (gratitude to Sundari especially)
  • Further conversation re: low census at dances:

 Dwindling numbers for awhile, about 6 months 

  • Others not worried re: small groups during the holidays.  
  • We draw on a large area (ie Bothell, islands).
  • We do get young people but they do not always return
  • Rumi night drew a lot of people
  • Suggest correlate $ received to attendance as attendance is not generally taken.
  • Suggestion of contacting people that have not been to dance in a long time.
  • Be welcoming to new attendees.
  • Special events seem to work – celebratory, deeper
  • Web presence (we have some already) MeetUp, Twitter, Facebook.
  • It was stated that Tasnim Fernandez says that as she went deeper the circle became smaller.
  • Circle is sensitive to unspoken energy.

 Discussion Wrap up 
In attempts to get feedback as to why people are not coming:

  • Possibility of taking a survey on DUP listserve.
  • Possibility of online public discussions.
  • Email addresses of dupnw members are available on the dupnw yahoo site if we want to contact members individually.
  • Looking at etheric  vibration (i.e., attunement with originating spirit of dances – resonate this more strongly)

 Treasurers Report – year end review 

  • Murad (Phil) – Funds have been hovering at approximately $1500.00
  • 1/1/2010 the peak from Indianola was $3351.00.
  • Currently we have $1820.00, has been trending down over last few years.

Northwest Harvest

  • Brought in $100.00
  • Discussion to have another evening or add to this from our treasury.
  • Will not do another evening at this time, will add to donations below from our Treasury.
  • Plan:  Along with donation of $100.00 to Northwest Harvest
  • $100.00 will go to DUPNA
  • $100.00 to DUP International.

 Discussion – Arrival time at church 

  • Concern expressed that people are arriving before 6:30PM on Wednesdays at Keystone, to set up etc., our actual rental start time is 6:30PM, in the past this has been requested to adhere to strictly.
  • Phil has discussed this with the Keystone caretaker, is best to not come before 6:30PM as it may interrupt others who may have activities ending as we begin.  Phil will put notice out to all musicians, beautifiers and leaders to please arrive no sooner than 6:30PM.
  • Phil sent the following email to DUPNW on Jan. 9, 2012
During the last Planning meeting the question came up -- is it OK to come earlier to Keystone Church than the 6:30 pm start time that is part of our rental agreement?  This question has come up before.  Last year I asked the minister, Rich Gamble.  He hesitated, considering whether this might be OK, then realized he did not want to worry about the possibility that they might have another renter there before us on occasion, that could be disturbed by someone from our group coming earlier than expected.  So to answer the question above:  The minister requests that we stay within the boundaries of our agreement---not coming earlier than 6:30 pm and leaving by 10:00 pm. 

The planning group asked that I notify folks who might come earlier to prepare for an evening to wait until 6:30 pm before entering Keystone.  It is, actually, a token of the sweet and deep dedication that so many of you have to supporting our dance evenings together that this reminder is even needed in the first place.  So, thank you so very much for your dedication and service, AND PLEASE do not arrive earlier than 6:30 pm on Wednesday evenings at Keystone (or in general, please stay within the boundaries of our rental agreement).

Thank you, thank you thank you!

p.s.  AJ would you pass this on to Julia?  I just realized that I don't have a separate email address for her (and believe she doesn't have one, yes?).

p.p.s.  If you notice that I missed someone who should be receiving this, please pass it on. -- Thanks!


 Meeting was adjourned 
Dance: Neessa Neessa

 Next Meeting 
Date: 2/2/2012
Location: John Birnel's
Convener: Martha
Scribe Jamil

  FEBRUARY 1, 2012   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting      download pdf  

 Location: John Birnel's

 First Dance: Jewel in the Lotus

 Present: Martha (Convener), Jamil (Scribe), Phil (Voice of Peace), John, Brian, Helen,Tasnim, Leslie

Announcements: On Saturday, March 24th, at 7:00pm, Murad Phil and Hafiz Lu will lead an Aramaic Dance at Trinity Cathedral in Portland. They encourage early arrival to allow time to walk the Labyrinth. An announcement will go out soon.

Treasurer's report: $1,568.00. On average, donations to Seattle DUP during the month of January broke even with regard to expenses.

 Attendance: Weekly attendance, aside than special events, seems to be stabilizing in the high 20s. Tasnim and John will work up a short questionnaire to use as a tool to survey members' needs and desires vis a vis the Dances. They will come back to the Planning Circle with proposed questions as well as a plan for soliciting responses from the DUP community.

 Attunement: There was a general discussion centering on attunement, both before dance, by the dance leaders during practice, as well as attunement throughout the evening. An ongoing challenge for leaders is to find a balance between attunement and practice during the 'practice hour' of 6:30 and 7:30pm.
Other comments related to the desire for more evenings with silence during the break and a suggestion of a 'long dance' once a quarter or more often.

 Global Peace Dance Video: Hayra has a video of the Global Peace Dance on a flash memory card. Jamil said it needs to be edited. Sometime in the next 6 months Jamil, Hayra and Martha will view the footage and determine what to keep and whether (or how much) can be placed online for general viewing or be used for other purposes.
Cost of space for Imbolc: To prepare for the Imbolc Dance evening, Keystone church was rented for one additional hour at the cost of $25.00. The dance leaders for that evening will be asked if they feel that having the additional time to prepare was worthwhile.

It was determined by consensus that the extra charge be absorbed by the organization rather than by the evening's dance leaders. Going forward, dance leaders will be asked to make a request to the planning circle for advance consideration of extra expenses.

 Feedback to Dance Leaders: Notes, comments, and feedback placed in the basket by members for dance leaders are given to the dance leaders to whom they refer. Brian will add a note to the 'comment form' to the effect that all notes will go to all the dance leaders unless the note specifies that it is intended for a particular leader only.

 Meet-up:  Brian is requesting the more people sign up for Meet-up
that they also RSVP on Meet-up each week
they reply to the "How was Seattle Dance" follow up emails.

 Fundraiser inquiry: An inquiry was received from Hayra asking whether DUPP wished to host another fund-raiser for the hungary on the evening of March 7th when she will be leading with Elizabeth and Aziza. Since DUPP just made a donation to

NW Harvest in December, it was decided not to do this at this time.
Anahata's Guitar Project: Anahata Iradah, a highly renowned, international DUP leader, musician, composer and educator is in need of funds to support her project of making musicianship training materials available to students of the Dances all over the world. These materials and teaching aides will provide effective learning tools to the beginner as well as advanced students.
A request by Hayra (via email) to make a contribution to Anahata's project was postponed for consideration later this year. We wish to take time to monitor our financial situation over the next several months as well as gather more information and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the project. There is definite interest in making an offer of financial support.

 Action Items:

  1. Tasnim and John: Draft questionnaire survey for dance community and plans for getting the message out.
  2. Jamil, Hayra, Martha: (between now and summer) View video of Global Peace Dance and determine uses for it, as well as archival footage.
  3. Brian: Add note to "comment form" ( see above, under "Feedback" etc) DONE!
  4. ALL: Please sign up on Meet-up and RSVP for dance events and reply to "How was Seattle Dance" emails.

 Next Meeting:
Date: March 1st, 2012
Convenor: John Birnel
Scribe: Helen
Location: Phil & Helen's home

 Final dance:  Shalom (was sung)

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Policies (as of Feb 2017)  Read   pdf   •   Original Vision Team Report  (from 2003)  Read   pdf
  MARCH 1, 2012   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting       download pdf    

Dance Business Meeting – March 1, 2012
John (facilitator), Lelsey (Voice of Peace), Martha, Brian (Scribe)


$1518 in treasury
$130 at Keystone 2 weeks ago (Feb 22)
$72 at Keystone last night (Feb 29)

Total Men New Leaders Money Comment
28 ? 0 ? $119  
2424 10 0 ? $70  
0       $0 Snow - NO Dance
28 12 4 4 $118 Long Dance
28 8 3 5 $89 $89
23 7 2 5 $99 Healing Dance
21 7 1 6 $73  
35 13 1 6 $130 Caravan
24   0 4 $72  

===CENTERPIECE DECORATIONS===========================
Dance leaders seem to prefer:
~Electric candles
~Silk flowers -or- water vases with solid base/low center of gravity
~Decorations below eye level of the musicians.
The concerns are spillage of wax or water, and musicians and leaders being able to see each other.
There can be EXCEPTIONS. Decorators are encouraged to check with dance
    leaders when they wish to do something different.
Brian will touch base with Sandra - DONE!

===BELLEVUE DANCE=========================================
It may be dead. Brian’s not sure if it will continue.
But he has scheduled Bellevue dances for March 11 and April 8
Lesley has printed up fliers and distributed them to some eastside locations

===CAMP BURTON===============================================
John, Martha and Lesley will be on sub-committee to choose leaders.
Martha will ask Jamil if she also wishes to join.

Scribe will send out email immediate announcing the interim committee for the next month.

===CONDITION of the DECORATIONS SUITCASE=========================
Sandra took suitcase home. All the items are still there.
She washed the items. The suitcase is a bit moldy. It will take a couple of days to
see if the anti-mold treatment works.
Options, in order of preference:
(1) Suitcase is OK (it’ll be a few days before we know this)
(2) Maybe Hayra has a bag she can donate (Brian will call Hayra)
(3) Yolanda’s Insurance
(4) Sandra will eventually find a bag at a Thrift Store
She is authorized to spend up to $50
Brian will call Hayra and Sandra about this. - DONE


  • The suitcase stays at Keystone.
  • Only selected items should be taken for outreach (and NOT the multi-faith centerpiece).
  • The exceptions are for Camp Burton and when Sandra wishes to do maintenance with the suitcase and assorted items.
  • Sandra does NOT need to ask for permission to do this. We only request that she inform
       us (i.e. a whole bunch of folks)  so that we don’t think the bag was lost or stolen.
  • Brian will touch base with Sandra to see if she wishes to set up a check-out system
        for items in the suitcase – SHE DOESN’T
  • If not, Sandra will send the inventory list to Lesley and Martha, who will then set up the system for check-out.

Brian has asked people to:
(1) Sign up (2) RSVP (3) Reply to “How was Seattle Dance?” emails.

===ACTION ITEMS==============================================
1. BRIAN will touch base with Sandra concerning centerpiece decorations – DONE
2. QUESTIONAIRE – Tasnim/John
3. MARTHA will ask Jamil if she wishes to join sub-committee to choose leaders for Burton.
4. BRIAN will call Hayra and Sandra regarding a new decorations bag – DONE
5. BRIAN will touch base with Sandra to see if she wishes to set up a checkout
    system for items in the suitcase - SHE DOESN’T
6. MARTHA/LESLEY will get the inventory list from Sandra, and then set up the system for check-out.

From Previous Meeting (Jan 5, 2012) See http://seattledup.org/minutes_2012.htm
7. BRIAN: will notify leaders---and others---about NOT arriving at Keystone before 6:30pm.
    He will resend Murad’s email of January 9, 2012.
    See http://seattledup.org/minutes_2012.htm to view the email. DONE

===NEXT MEETING=====================================================
DATE: April 5
LOCATION: John’s House
SCRIBE: Helen (Brian will be backup)

  •   APRIL 5, 2012   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting    download PDF

    Location: John’s home
    Present: Martha (convener), John, Tasnim (Voice of Peace), Lesley, Brian, Jamil, Helen (scribe)
    Opening Dance: Bismillah Roundnnouncements:


    1. Martha expressed appreciation for the ease of use of the website while looking up prior minutes.

    2. The beautification suitcase was returned (to the Women of Wisdom office) and salvaged (all of
    the cloth items washed and ironed, suitcase cleaned – all done by Sundari). As a result, we will
    not need to purchase a new suitcase or materials. Martha and Lesley are planning to make an
    inventory and sign-out sheet.

    Treasurer’s report:
    $2,006 in our treasury. We have averaged $85 per night since Jan 1, which includes the snowed-out
    night. This is enough to cover rent but not other expenses. John suggests that seeing money in the
    jar helps attract other donations.

    Action Item: Brian will suggest to Dance Leaders that those who are come early, who are going
    to donate, put their money in the jar while setting up.

    Dancer survey
    We discussed a draft survey and tweaked the language to indicate we’re interested in making dancer
    experiences more positive. The survey subcommittee (John and Tasnim) plans to send an email to
    dupnw with a link to www.SurveyMonkey.com A written option will also be provided, and a halfpage
    flyer announcing the web address. A closing date will be included so that the results can be
    compiled before the next planning meeting.

    Camp Burton retreat:
    Multiple names are still under consideration by the committee. (Jamil, Martha, and John). Leaders
    will be chosen in time to prepare a flyer for Sky Camp in mid-May.

    Sales at Wednesday Circle:
    Requests for permission to sell items happen occasionally. We decided to research old minutes to
    see if a prior policy already exists.
    Action item: Brian will research 2008-2009, Jamil will research
    2010-2011. They will bring this to the May 3 meeting where we will make adjustments to the policy
    if needed.

    Policy List:
    During the prior discussion we realized that a compilation of our policies, which could be reviewed
    annually, might be useful. Action item: discuss further at next meeting.

    Replies to Meetup.com
    In order to show more activity on the Meetup site, Brian requests that we sign up on the site as
    coming to Dance, and then also respond to queries about how we enjoyed the Dance. Brian will
    write up how to get on Meetup and submit it to minutes.

    website and domain name renewal: approved at $120/year.

    Next meeting
    Date: June 7
    Location: Jamil’s home
    7900 Ashworth Ave N, #8, Seattle 98103.
        at corner of Ashworth & Green Lake Drive N.
        It is a white 2-story building.
        Doorbell is on the left-side of the door and has a small '8' written on it.
         jamil@serv.net / (206) 697-507

    Convener: John jbirnel@com@cast.net / (206) 782-6129
    Scribe: Brian

    Interim committee: Tasnim, John, Martha

    Closing Song: “Peace Be with You”

    Action Items:

    1. Brian will suggest to Dance Leaders that those who are come early, who are going to donate, put
      their money in the jar while setting up.
    2. Martha and Leslie will inventory the beautification suitcase.
    3. Survey committee (John and Tasnim) will post a survey via www.surveymonkey.com to dupnw and in written format.
    4. Camp Burton committee will choose leaders for fall retreat.
    5. Jamil and Brian will research a prior policy on sales at Wednesday dance. (DONE)
    6. We will consider how to assemble a list of policies at the next meeting.
    How to sign up for, and respond to, MeetUp.com
    Here are the details.  It looks complicated, but most all of this is intuitive.
    I really want to encourage people to do this.  We need to show some activity on the MeetUp group. 
    It takes very little time to learn how to do this, and little time once you do learn it.

    (A) How to Sign up

    1. Go to http://www.meetup.com
    2. On the top right, click on “Sign up”
    3. Follow the procedure.
    4. Search for the group “Dances of Universal Peace Puget Sound”
    5. Join that group 

    (B) How to RSVP on the Calendar

    1. Go to go to http://www.meetup.com/
    2. On the top right, click on On the top right, click on “Log in
    3. On the top right, click on On the top right, click on “My Groups” and choose “Dances of Universal Peace Puget Sound
    4. On the left, under the big mandala, click on “Our calendar”
    5. Dance meetings will be listed on the calendar.
    6. Choose one and click Choose one and click “RSVP Now”
    7. It will take you to another page that has a purple box with It will take you to another page that has a purple box with “RSVP”
    8. Click that box.  The next page will tell you that you are “confirmed for Seattle dance”
    9. Click again on Click again on “Our calendar
    10. Choose another date and repeat steps 1-9

    (C) How was Seattle Dance?

    1. The day after the dance you RSVPed to, you will get an email with the title “How was Seattle Dance.” 
    2. Click on the link in the email,
    3. Log in (if required)
    4. Give a Give a “
    5. Add a short comment like Add a short comment like “had a great time as always” or “a moving evening for my heart and spirit” or “more fun than a monkey herding a pack of aardvarks. 

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    Policies (as of Feb 2017)  Read   pdf   •   Original Vision Team Report  (from 2003)  Read   pdf

    MAY   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting

    No meeting in May

    June 7, 2012   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting       download pdf


    Phil / Helen (Voice for Peace) / Lesley (Voice for Peace) / Rama-Bob / Martha / Tasnim / Jamil / John Birnel (Facilitator) / Brian (Scribe) 



    • PHIL: Bills paid thru end June
    • $1674 in treasury
    • Insurance due in approx 4 months – around $400
    • Rent is $87/night
    • HELEN: 19 dances this year (including snow cancellation), we’ve collected about $90/night
    • 18 dances (not including the snow date) we’ve collected about $96/night

    === Update on Fall Vashon Retreat====

    • LEADERS: Kabira and Mirabai from Canada / Evie from Olympia
    • DECORATOR: Sundari has volunteered to be decorator. Approved!

    === Service Animals at Seattle DUP sponsored residential retreats======

    Policy below has been approved:

    Policy regarding Service Animals at Seattle DUP Residential Retreats

    • Fully trained ADA-qualifying Service Animals are permitted at Seattle DUP residential retreats.
    • Other animals, including pets, comfort, therapy, and emotional support animals, are not included in the definition of Service Animals and are not permitted.

    In accordance with Federal Regulations, owners and their service animals are subject to the following requirements:

    • Service animals must be individually trained to perform tasks that mitigate the effects of the owner's disability. Owners must not be capable of doing the task which the animal performs for them. 
    • Service animals must be housebroken. Owners are responsible for picking up and properly disposing of their animal's waste.
    • Service animals must be kept in a harness or on a leash unless it would interfere with the animal's performance of the task it was trained to do. 
    • Threatening behavior on the part of the animal, jumping on others, running away from the owner, and behavior which adversely affects the health and safety of others is not permitted.
    • Owners who do not keep their service animal under strict control and supervision may be required to remove them from site.

    This policy statement complies with federal and state regulations.


    • John and Tasnim will work on it.
    • They will send out advance survey on SurveyMonkey to members of DUPP
    • Unless there are BIG problems, they will send out the survey to DUPNW
    • If there are big problems, then we will re-evaluate in September
    • We will also decide in Sept if we will do another survey and when.

    ===Selling at Dances===========

    from Nov 11, 2010 DUPP meeting:
    • In the past people have brought items for sale on the table. We are OK with that happening again.
    • Hayra notes that it essential that delayed closing of the building does not result, in relationship to this. Everybody must be out of the building at 10pm sharp.
    from June 7, 2012 DUPP Meeting:
    • Selling of items at dance meetings should not distract from the dances themselves. 
    • Selling of items must:
         (1) Cease just before the walk starts
         (2) Not happen during dance
         (3) Cease after break, just before dances start up again.
         (4) Can start up again after the dances & closing prayer are finished for the evening,
               remembering that everyone must exit the building by 10pm SHARP.
    • “ACTIVE” Sales (interaction between buyer & seller) is not permitted DURING the dances.
    • ”PASSIVE” Sales (people looking at items, putting money in an envelope) is OK if done very quietly, and with the understanding that the light in the selling area might be turned off.

    ===Compilation of DUP policies, and  to be reviewed yearly?=========
    Tabled until Next meeting

    === Inventory of suitcase (Martha & Lesley)=============

    • Lesley and Martha may get to this.
    • Action Item: Brian will put the following notice on the dance bag (after suggested edits):
    • This suitcase, with sacred dance items & decorations, is NOT to leave the Keystone Church.
    • Selected items may be taken as long as they are returned the following week, however, the multi-faith centerpiece (which has huge sentimental/historical value to us) can NOT be taken.
    • Exception-1: The suitcase may be removed from the building for the annual Camp Burton retreat.
    • Exception-2: As the recognized Caretaker of the beautification suitcase, Sundari may take
      the suitcase home at anytime for maintenance. The Dance Community benefits from her
      service in cleaning, organizing, ironing, etc. the suitcase and its contents.
    • Upon taking it, Sundari will notify (probably via email) most of the DUPP members, dance
      leaders, other decorators that the suitcase is in her possession, to avoid concern per its
    • Exception-3: with permission of DUPP or the DUPP Interim Committee.


    • Request to renew for another 6 months. Approved.
    • Request to renew SeattleDUP.org in August. Approved.

    ===Picture taking for June/July (first part of the evening)========
    Dates Approved: June 27 / July 4 / July 11
    MARTHA - to coordinate Photographers (probably not more than 2 per night).
    Martha is authorized to reimburse a ferry fee if needed.  
    BRIAN - will put notice on the website Calendar – DONE!
    MARTHA - will put out notice to DUPNW on a weekly basis /
    See that these dates are announced, by someone, on the next 4 Wed. evenings (thru July 4)

    ===LOWERED ATTENDANCE==========

    • Open hearted discussion about level attendance
    • We discussed feeling “juice” during dance evenings
    • We agreed to visualize lots of people at dance, with big energy and deep attunement

    ===NEXT MEETING=============

    Possible agenda items:

    • Survey
    • Suitcase Inventory
    • Attendance
    • Meetup Request

    DATE: Sept 6, 2012
    LOCATION: Phil & Helen’s at Songaia (22405 39th AVE SE, Bothell) 425-483-6511
    CONVEENER: Jamil
    WHERE TO SEND AGENDA ITEMS: Jamil jamil@serv.net / (206) 697-5077
    FACILITATOR: Tasnim (backup Jamil)
    HELEN: Scribe
    · Helen: heleng@igc.org / (425) 483-6511
    · John: jbirnel@comcast.net / (206) 782-6129
    · Jamil: jamil@serv.net / (206) 697-5077

  • JULY

    No meeting in July

    NEXT MEETING : Sept 6, 2012
    LOCATION: Phil & Helen’s at Songaia (22405 39th AVE SE, Bothell) 425-483-6511
    CONVEENER: Jamil
    WHERE TO SEND AGENDA ITEMS: Jamil jamil@serv.net / (206) 697-5077
    FACILITATOR: Tasnim (backup Jamil)
    HELEN: Scribe
    · Helen: heleng@igc.org / (425) 483-6511
    · John: jbirnel@comcast.net / (206) 782-6129
    · Jamil: jamil@serv.net / (206) 697-5077

     Minutes   2008  |  2009  |  2010  |  2011  |  2012  |  2013  |  2014  |  2015  |  2016  |  2017  |  2018
    Policies (as of Feb 2017)  Read   pdf   •   Original Vision Team Report  (from 2003)  Read   pdf


    No meeting in August

    NEXT MEETING : Sept 6, 2012
    LOCATION: Phil & Helen’s at Songaia (22405 39th AVE SE, Bothell) 425-483-6511
    CONVEENER: Jamil
    WHERE TO SEND AGENDA ITEMS: Jamil jamil@serv.net / (206) 697-5077
    FACILITATOR: Tasnim (backup Jamil)
    HELEN: Scribe
    · Helen: heleng@igc.org / (425) 483-6511
    · John: jbirnel@comcast.net / (206) 782-6129
    · Jamil: jamil@serv.net / (206) 697-5077

    SEPT 6, 2012 - Open Dance Community Business Meeting     download pdf

    Location: Murad and Helen's home at Songaia (22405 39th AVE SE, Bothell)

    Present: Jamil (facilitator), Brian (vfP), Helen (scribe), John, Roy, Martha, Murad

    Opening attunement: Gentle Shalom

    Announcements: Oneness Project will be meeting 9/7 looking at a proposal to hand the baton on to other organizations.

    Treasurer's report: $1910 in bank, rent still pending. Our income for 2012 has averaged $93 per week over the year. Average attendance is 25-26 people.

    Compilation of DUP Policies:  It's a good idea but who will do it? No one has volunteer energy tonight; Martha is willing to help, but not spearhead, after the Burton retreat. Jamil might be willing to help later as well.

    Photos from summer: have not yet been sent to Brian.

    Vashon retreat: flier is available, ready to be sent out. We have 3 registrations already. Brian is interested in coordinating musicians unless Hayra desires the position, for a full scholarship. Martha requests that Brian and Hayra decide who wants to do it.

    Video interviews: Jamil has been contacted by a videographer about a possible video about the Dances. The producer desires video interviews with 5-6 passionate articulate people. She plans to use existing online videos of dancing. She requests help in locating people to interview. We agree that the best method would be for her to come to a Wednesday night to make an oral announcement, which could be followed up by email through her host. •Brian will also email Dale about better quality dance videos. Care is requested that the announcement not disrupt the dance evening.

    Dance at break: Tall Trees

    Survey report: We received 30 responses. 14 people were attending the same amount or more. 6 were people coming less for reasons related to the Dances, 8 were coming less for reasons related to illness, distance, etc. Most people have attended for many years. Many suggestions were submitted, without any clear themes in either requests or problems. A few ideas were commented upon:

    • Sharing of joys and sorrows during announcements
    • Opening the upper windows‹the window stick has gone.
    • (Roy suggested focusing a particular night on a social issue such as homelessness or war.)

    We will continue to mull the results, which will also be shared with the Dance Leader Team.

    Future agenda items:

    • Any specific follow-up proposals based on the survey
    • Compile DUPP Policies
    • Summer photos to website
    • By next June, seek window opening sticks

    Next meeting: October 4
    Location: John¹s home
    Facilitator: Helen
    Scribe: Jamil
    Interim committee: Jamil, Brian, Helen

    Closing Dance: Ya Shakur Ya Hamid

    OCTOBER 4, 2012   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting    download pdf

    Location: John's home  /  719 N 68th St, Seattle 98103  /  206-782-6129
    Facilitator: Helen  heleng@icg.org
    Scribe: Jamil jamil@serv.net

    Attunement: "What's Next Zikr" dance
    Present: John, Martha, Murad, Helen, Jamil, Brian, A.J.
    Voice for Peace: John Birnel


    (1)   Wali Ali, senior Murshid and dance leader and head of the Esoteric School of Sufi Ruhaniat International
    * will be giving a weekend Retreat in Seattle on Friday, November 30th, Saturday, December 1st, and Sunday, December 2nd. The Retreat will begin with Dances of Universal Peace on the evening of Nov. 30th, at 7:30, at Keystone Church. All are welcome to attend this event; suggested donation: $10.00. Registration is required for the Saturday and Sunday workshop which will be held in Ballard at the Odd Fellows Hall, 1706 NW Market St, in Ballard. The Living Heart Workshop will focus on the Sacred Names of God.

    For more information, see the flyer at: http://www.ruhaniat.org/wa101/cal/Seattle%202012.pdf

            * that title alone will be his downfall and lead to the end of western civilization as we know it.

    (2)  The regular DUP Wednesday evening dance of November 28th, will be devoted to Rumi, the world-renowned, mystical Sufi poet of 13th Century Persia.

    Treasurer's Report: $1,318 is in the treasury.

    Camp Burton Annual Retreat: 26 registrations received so far. Invitations have been emailed to 40 people who attended last year and haven't registered yet. Many of these dancers come to the Retreat every year. Camp Burton is located on Vashon Island, a 20-minute ferry ride from West Seattle. This year's Retreat is titled "Walk to the Well." a reference to one of Rumi's poems. Leaders are Kabir Stuart McKinnnon and Maribai Wolf Willow from Nelson, B.C. and Evie Fagergren from Olympia, WA. More information can be found on the Flyer: http://seattledup.org/12_11_02_burton.htm

    Multi-media: Video:  There has not been any follow-up contact from the local public access TV producer who had expressed an interest in doing a TV show about DUP. Photos: Brian has not received photos taken during last summer's photo-taking at Keystone DUP evenings.

    Policies: Over the years, DUPP has adopted policies regarding certain matters such as taking photos, selling things at Dance, and a number of other issues. So far these policies have not been collected in one document for easy reference. Martha, with, perhaps help from others, has expressed a willingness to spearhead this effort in December or in early 2013.

    Survey: The survey of DUP attendees taken earlier this year was discussed for the second time. Attempts were made to determine whether there were a sufficient number of a given suggestion to make specific changes. Dancers requested that the tenor of the evening be prayerful, and that the dance leaders be respected. There were many differences of opinion as to what people wish to see more or less of. Some would like more livelier dances, others would like slower and quieter dances, with still others saying they like the mix and it is important to balance joyful and contemplative dances.

    As to `where did you hear about us?', there were numerous responses, such as, having seen a notice at Keystone Church, knowing or meeting some of the dance attendees and leaders.

    Comment Forms: Comment Forms responses (available on the table by the door) were reported to the Planning Committee. As to `where did you hear about us?', there were numerous responses, such as, having seen a notice at Keystone Church, knowing or meeting some of the dance attendees and leaders.

    Brian has agreed to change the Comment Form in a way which will make it clear whether people who submit it do or do not want to be placed on our email list.

    One question which was presented on a Comment Form had to do with listing the names of each evening's dances on our website. This suggestion will be discussed at the next Dance Leader's Team meeting.

    Holiday Card Fundraiser: It has become a tradition for the Dances of Universal Peace, North America to do a fundraiser-mailing in December. Seattle DUP will participate in this event by addressing 100 envelopes, at break, on a dance evening in early December. The committee voted to spend $45.00 for postage to mail the cards.

    Future Retreat Date: A request was made to determine if it is possible to move the date of the annual retreat in future years to the 3rd or 4th weekend in October. Some of the members will explore whether this is a possibility and if it is, it may be put to a straw vote at this year's retreat.

    November Meeting:
    The next DUPP meeting will be held on November 8th
    at the home of Murad and Helen, 22405 39th AVE SE, Bothell, 425-483 6511.
    Murad Phil will be the Facilitator/Convenor
    Brian will Scribe.
    Interim Committee: Murad Phil, John and Helen

    Action Items:
    ♦ Planning Policies Manual (Martha, 2013)
    ♦ Change re email list on Comment Form (Brian)
    ♦ Question for Dance Leaders re Names of Dances
    ♦ Annual DUPNA Fundraiser, December (Martha)
    ♦ Explore date change for Retreat (Martha and ?)
    Closing song: Shalom Benediction

     Minutes   2008  |  2009  |  2010  |  2011  |  2012  |  2013  |  2014  |  2015  |  2016  |  2017  |  2018
    Policies (as of Feb 2017)  Read   pdf   •   Original Vision Team Report  (from 2003)  Read   pdf

       NOVEMBER 12, 2012   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting      download pdf

    === ATTENDANCE   Lesley, Helen, Tasnim, Phil, Martha, John B, Jamil, Brian

    === DANCE ==================================
    Improvised and somewhat irreverent version of “Om Ram Ramaya Svaha”

    === ANNOUNCEMENTS ========================
    Aramaic prayer at Keystone on 12-12-12

    === TREASURER ==============================
    not including Camp Burton $1758
    up from $1300 last month.

    === CAMP BURTON ==========================
    Made about $580
    10 scholarships $30-40 cost to us
    6 free: 3 leaders / Martha / Hayra / Sudari
    Attendance 75 – ½
    14 guest leaders – Lesley Florer and Lily Celestino didn’t get to lead.
    After the retreat and Kabir & Mirabai asked for guidance on how to choose guest leaders
    Maybe next year we will offer some guidelines/suggestions/requests/etc to the main leaders

    2013 Camp Burton – First weekend in November, Nov 1-3

    === COMMENTS FORMS =========================
    For clarity there will be 2 forms on the table
    (1) “Comments” and (2) “Sign up for DUPNW”
    We will add the instructions “Put in the Donation Jar” to both forms. DONE!

    === DANCES LISTED on WEBSITE =================
    Brian asked leaders to get list of weekly dances led to him, so that he can put them on the calendar.
    Leaders unable to guarantee getting their lists to Brian.
    So, Brian will publish his dances on the calendar, and all dances which are submitted to him by the other leaders and/or musicians.

    === DUPNA FUNDRAISER =========================
    Martha will decide on date.

    === NORTHWEST HARVEST =======================
    Dec 5, all the money and canned goods (money is better because they can buy in bulk).
    Martha and Helen will coordinate emails and oral announcements.

    === AGENDA ITEMS FOR NEXT MEETING ============
    Planning Policy Manual (Martha)

    === NEXT MEETING ==============================
    DATE: January 3rd
    VENUE: Jamil’s / 7900 Ashworth Ave. N., #8, Seattle / (206) 697-5077 / jamil@serv.net
    FACILITATOR: John Birnel / (206) 782-6129 / jbirnel@comcast.net
    SCRIBE: Helen

    === INTERIM COMMITTEE =========================
    Phil / (425) 483-6511 / phil.notermann@gmail.com
    Lesley / (425) 643-1108 / kneads4u@comcast.net
    John Birnel / (206) 782-6129 / jbirnel@comcast.net

       DECEMBER  -  

    No Meeting in December

    ===NEXT MEETING==============================
    DATE: January 3rd
    VENUE: Jamil’s / 7900 Ashworth Ave. N., #8, Seattle / (206) 697-5077 / jamil@serv.net
    FACILITATOR: John Birnel / (206) 782-6129 / jbirnel@comcast.net
    SCRIBE: Helen

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    Policies (as of Feb 2017)  Read   pdf   •   Original Vision Team Report  (from 2003)  Read   pdf


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