Minutes for: Open Business Dance Meeting - 2013   
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  JANUARY 3, 2013   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting     download pdf   

DATE: January 3rd
VENUE: Jamil’s / 7900 Ashworth Ave. N., #8, Seattle / (206) 697-5077 / jamil@serv.net
FACILITATOR: John Birnel / (206) 782-6129 / jbirnel@comcast.net

Location: Jamil’s home
Present: John (Convener), Helen (Scribe), Rabia (Voice for Peace), Martha, Jamil, Hayra, Brian
Opening Dance: Hip Zikr (seated)

Treasurer’s report: $2593.56 in the kitty. See attached report of attendance and income from
Keystone donation basket. Average attendance 25 dancers per week, average donations $91 per week.

2012 attendance and donations at Keystone dance 
Helen provided a weekly detailed chart for us to look at.
   ››› download pdf of that chart ‹‹‹

===Old Business==================
• 2012 Vashon Retreat: evaluation summary pending.
• New sign-up sheets for dupnw and feedback: Brian will send new forms to Helen for printing.
• Documenting policies—see discussion below

===New Business=================
Institutional knowledge: John suggested that we review our backup systems for various functions
that keep our Circle going.

(a) Dupnw email list. Krsna das is owner, Helen and Brian are moderators.

(b) Treasurer: Phil is treasurer, Brian is co-signer. Martha has volunteered to be another co-signer.
We have a simple checking account with no complex accounting.

(c) Website: Brian is webmaster for seattledup.org. Krsna das keeps an on-line calendar and photo
gallery. Brian will send passwords for the website to Phil, Helen, and Hayra before his surgery. We
discussed the advantages of linking k-d’s calendar and photo gallery to the seattledup.org website.
John will approach krsna das about this possibility.

(d) Camp Burton: A sub-committee of the planning group chooses the leaders for the fall retreat.
Martha and Helen determine the pricing and figure the final finances. Martha’s connections are an
irreplaceable part of the success of the camp. Martha will consider taking on an apprentice, and/or
writing down key parts of the registrar’s process.

(e) Policies: Martha previously volunteered to locate prior policies. New decisions could be recorded
on a document kept separately on the website. Key prior decisions: interim committee, quorum,
photography, out-of-area leader honorarium, timeframe at Keystone, therapy animals, selling items,
beautification: suitcase and location of fliers.

Dance at Break: Gentle Shalom

Gentle communications: John spoke of Parker Palmer’s remarks on the value of making a “space
for our shy hearts.” As we from the planning group attune to that space, the whole Circle will become
more welcoming and open.

===Next meeting==================
February 7 at Rabia’s home.
For directions contact Kneads4U@comcast.net
Convener: Jamil / Scribe: John
Interim Committee: John, Rabia, Jamil

===Action items===================
• Camp Burton evals (Martha)
• Summer pictures to website (Martha, Brian)
• Investigating linking calendar and photo gallery to website (John, Brian)
• New signup forms (Brian, Helen) DONE!
• Policies and Camp Burton procedures (Martha)
• Additional co-signer to checking account (Martha, Phil)

Closing Dance: Deep Peace

  FEBRUARY 7. 2013   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting     download pdf   

Present: Martha (facilitator), John (scribe), Helen (Voice for Peace), Phil/Murad, Lesley, and Hayra.

Beginning dance - Kadosh Shemayim.

Announcements: upcoming weekend workshop: Peace in Motion-Spiritual Walks and Dances of Universal Peace
Ballard IOOF Hall 1706 NW Market, Seattle
February 23 / 24, Sat (9:30 am -5 pm) / Sun (9:30 am - 4 pm)

Treasurers Report-$2202 in the bank. A little low on attendance and meeting basic expenses so far this year on average.

The following items, being presented by Martha, are deferred to the March meeting:
  • Camp Burton survey results
  • Pictures from last summer being sent to web via Brian, and
  • The gathering of specific DUPP policies to be put onto the website.

Other Items

  • The possible hyperlinking to Krsna Das (KD)’s photos was also deferred to some future meeting after possible further technical discussions with KD.
  • The adding of the KD’s more inclusive calendar to the website was completed and noted as very useful.
  • The new sign-up and comment forms are now printed and available at the check-in table at the Dances.
  • The addition of Martha as a co-signer on the checking account is still pending.

The leader selection committee for the Fall 2013 Regional Retreat at Vashon was selected:
    Jamil, Martha, and John. There was some discussion of possible candidates.

Closing Dance - Let Me Do They Will, Allah.

Next meeting will be at Phil and Helen’s in Bothell 3/7/13
   6pm potluck / 7pm meeting.
   Jamil will convene / Helen will scribe.

Interim Committe: Martha, Jamil and Helen.

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Policies (as of Feb 2017)  Read   pdf   •   Original Vision Team Report  (from 2003)  Read   pdf

  MARCH 7, 2013  -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting     download pdf          

Location: Murad and Helen’s home

Present: Helen (scribe), Jamil (convener), Hayra (VoiceforPeace), John, Martha, Brian, Lesley Rabia

First Dance: Om Hum

Treasurer’s Report:

  • We have $2617 in the treasury, with rent paid for March.
  • Martha and Murad are now the two co-signers on the account.

 OLD BUSINESS:                                                                          

  • Camp Burton survey—still pending

  • Photos from last summer - also still pending. Martha and Brian will schedule a date for transferring photos before the April meeting.

  • DUP Policies gathered and posted—a list of critical policies was drawn up at the January meeting. Martha will research past minutes to locate these policies.

 NEW BUSINESS                                                                                

  • Donation to Dance Network: No donation was made at the end of 2012, as has been our usual practice. We agreed to send $100 each to INDUP and NADUP.
  • Meet-up Fee: The fee for Meet-up automatically renews every 6 months. Brian missed this in December (it charged his credit card $36.00 on 12/29/12) and as a result, he didn’t ask for prior approval for this expense. We agreed to reimburse the fee, and to consider the next renewal fee at the May meeting, prior to its coming due at the end of June.
  • Facebook Presence: Salim, who has managed our Facebook account, is moving. John and Brian may be able to share the task of making announcements. Another moderator of the group may exist, and we will solicit a volunteer from the Circle. 3/19/2013 – just found out that Sundhari has been doing the postings on FaceBook for quite some time now. Problem solved!
  • Camp Burton Planning: Martha followed up on the suggestion to research about out-of-regions leaders; the extra cost would come to at least $700. Camp Burton is raising fees 10%, which will mean a hefty increase in our charges as well. We decided not to seek an outside leader this year, although if the camp is well attended we could reconsider for 2014. The Camp
  • Burton committee (Martha, John and Jamil) will meet in March.

Future Agenda Items
• Camp Burton survey – Martha
• Photos from last summer - Martha and Brian
• DUPP Policies gathered and posted - Martha
• Renewal of Meet-up (to be discussed in May)

Next meeting:
April 4th at Jamil’s home / 7900 Ashworth Ave. N., #8, Seattle / (206) 697-5077 / jamil@serv.net
Convenor: Hayra
Scribe: Helen

Interim team:
Hayra: 206-546-6092 / hayrafatah@gmail.com
Jamil: (206) 697-5077 / jamil@serv.net

Final Dance: Om Ram Ramaya

  •   APRIL 4, 2013   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting       download pdf

    Location: Jamil¹s home

    Present: Brian, Jamil, John, Preston, Martha, Rabia (Voice for Peace), K-d, Hayra (convener), Helen (scribe)

    First dance: Ozark Bismillah

    Treasurer's Report:
    Not available / Since January our average intake has met our projected expenses.

    ===Old Business============================================ 

    Camp Burton survey and plans:
    Evaluations for the last two years were summarized. Very little negative feedback was noted. The subcommittee has contacted potential leaders and will meet again soon, as replies are received.

    Summer photos being transferred to website: pending

    Compilation of core policies:

    Facebook presence: Salim is still welcoming people to the group. Sundari has been putting out weekly and special event announcements. Dance leaders would need to get information to her by Sunday to announce a Wednesday theme.

    ===New Business===========================================

    Reimbursement for flier printing: Brian has been printing some special
    fliers in color, and requests assistance or support for a colored ink
    cartridge. We agreed to reimburse $35 for past printing. We discussed the
    value versus cost of colored fliers and decided to take up the issue of
    future colored printing next month.

    Bellingham flier: Hayra will send a flier from the Bellingham dance to Brian for printing and inclusion on the website.

    Healing Dance requests: A recent email/announcement limited the names held at the Healing Dance to ³those who request healing. Some confusion was felt about this wording versus "those who give permission for their names to be included." Hayra will clarify with the healing circle, and communicate that our preference would be for "permission" versus "request."

    Preston Wolf introduced himself and offered to help grow the circle through networking.

    Next meeting:  Thursday May 2, 6:00 potluck, 7:00 meeting
    Location:  Hayra's home / 17625 6th Ave NW, Shoreline / 206-546-6092 / hayrafatah@gmail.com
    Convener:  John / (206) 782-6129 / jbirnel@comcast.net
    Scribe:  Jamil
    Interim committee: 
       Hayra: 206-546-6092 / hayrafatah@gmail.com
       John: (206) 782-6129 / jbirnel@comcast.net
       Rabia: 425-829-8980 / Kneads4U@comcast.net

    Closing Dance: Gentle Shalom

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    Policies (as of Feb 2017)  Read   pdf   •   Original Vision Team Report  (from 2003)  Read   pdf

  • MAY 2, 2013   -  Thursday - Open Dance Community Business Meeting       download pdf

    Location: Hayra's home

    Present:  John (convener), Jamil (scribe), Derek (Voice for Peace), Hayra, Krsna Das, Brian, Martha, Phil, and Helen.

    Call to Order: The Meeting was called to order by John at 7:00 p.m.

    Opening Dance: Allah of Four Directions

    Brian said that last summer's photos are listed on Seattle DUP's website as Seattle-5 and Seattle-6. Each gallery has 10 photos.

    Treasurer's Report:
    Current bank balance is $2,307. For those who wish to give a donation by check, it should be made payable to "Seattle DUP."

    Donation: Hayra shared her desire to make a tithe to DUP when she is in receipt of her Mom's inheritance. She will earmark the money for projects directed toward introducing more youth to DUP and gaining more exposure to the general public. She asked people to think about how these goals might be accomplished.

    Policy manual: It was decided to delay retrieval of core policies until the June meeting. DUP intends to collect all policies currently in effect and keep them together for easy reference, modifications, and additions.

    Color Flyers: Discussion about how often to incur the expense of printing color flyers. Brian is currently in charge of duplicating flyers. Proposal made and passed by consensus: DUP will reimburse the cost of one color ink cartridge a year and will consider additional requests in the event something unexpected arises.

    Camp Burton Retreat: This year's retreat will take place the weekend of November 1st through the 3rd. Helen and Martha discussed the finances involved in planning. Camp Burton has notified us of across-the-board increases in cost for all sleeping quarters. A head's-up notice to past participants will go out by email next week. Brian will help with designing and printing flyers.

    The new room rates for Early Registration are as follows:
    Cabins - $185; Retreat Center: 2 bed room - $220; 3 bed room - $240. Prices will increase after October 15th.

    Summer Photos: It was decided that photos would not be taken at the weekly Keystone dances this summer.

    Dance Guidelines: A question was raised as to whether humming was bothersome during 'on the breath.' Comments varied widely on this matter. Other issues relating to the intention of the dances were brought into the discussion. This resulted in a decision to review and revise Dance Guidelines which are published by DUP North America. These guidelines address such things as focus, meaning, silent pauses, taking care of one's body and so forth. Brian agreed to take the lead in typing out a draft which will be modified by the planning committee and made available for dancers.

    Meet-up: DUP hosts a Meet-up group which costs $36 every 6 months. After discussion, the motion was made to continue DUP Meet-up for the remainder of 2013. The motion passed, as follows: eight in favor, one opposed, one abstained.

    Publicity: Krsna Das said there are many possibilities for getting notices about DUP on websites other than what we now are familiar with. He said they would not involve any cost to DUP. He was asked to bring names of websites to the next planning meeting so that we can follow up and get the word out to a broader online audience.

    Interim team:
    John - (206) 782-6129/ jbirnel@comcast.net
    Helen - (425) 483-6511 / heleng@igc.org /

    Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:50p.m.

    Closing Dance: Kadosh

    Action Items:
    Ideas for reaching youth and general public - Everyone
    Policy Manual - Martha
    Dance Guideline Revisions - Everyone

    June Meeting - JUNE 6
    LOCATION: Phil & Helen's - 22405 39th AVE SE Bothell / (425) 483-6511 / heleng@igc.org /
    AGENDA ITEMS TO HELEN: (425) 483-6511 / heleng@igc.org 
    Brian will scribe.

    June 6, 2013   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting         download pdf        

    LOCATION Phil and Helen’s, Bothell

    ATTENDANCE Lesley, Martha, Jamil (Voice for peace), Derek, Helen (facilitator), Phil (left after treasurers’ report…returned for “DUPNW Invite Change”), John Birnel, Hayra, Brian (Scribe)

    TREASURERS’s REPORT $2505 everything paid thru end of month

    ☯ Derek asks if we are posting multi-lingual fliers
    ☯ Discussion about creating multi-lingual fliers, and where to post them
    ☯ There are a number of Spanish speakers in the dance community as well as at least one Vietnamese and one Portuguese speaker.
    ☯ Hayra will contact them to see if they are willing to translate
    ☯ Derek will work on getting a Vietnamese translation.
    ☯ We’ll translate fliers first, and then Welcome/Dance-Guidelines
    ☯ Brian carries fliers in his car, so that he can put them up when he sees an appropriate place to post them.
    ☯ Derek has agreed to keep this issue up and alive at future DUPP meetings

    Waiting for photos/bios in order to create flier and update website

    ☯ John sought clarification on how to deal with on how to deal with commercialization of our Facebook page
    ☯ John working with Salim re: Facebook page procedures
    ☯ Sandra asked (via Brian) that we “like” postings for dances.
    ☯ Let’s make such an announcement at dance…
    ☯ Brian will email that request to Sandra

    ☯ Brian will renew website and domain names for additional year
    ☯ Brian will check out prices for multi-year renewals for web-hosting and domain names

    ☯ Brian will send out instructions on how to RSVP to Meet-Ups
            download pdf instructions

    ☯ It has become more difficult for people to join dupnw@yahoogroups.com
    ☯ KD looking into alternatives
    ☯ The group expresses concern that migration to some other listserv might cause loss of up to1/2 to 2/3 of members

    Helen and Martha will go thru paper versions of pre-website minutes

    REVIEW of Welcome/Dance-Guidelines
        download pdf

    ☯ Diversity update / multi-lingual flier update
    ☯ Policy Manual update (Martha and Helen)
    ☯ Brian will check out multi-year renewals for web-hosting and domain names

    Interim Committee:
    Helen: heleng@igc.org / (425) 483-6511
    Jamil: jamil@serv.net / (206) 697-5077
    John: jbirnel@comcast.net / (206) 782-6129
    DATE: Sept 5, 2013
    LOCATION: Hayra’s hayrafatah@gmail.com / 206-546-6092
    FACILITATOR: Jamil: jamil@serv.net / (206) 697-5077
    SCRIBE: John

    JULY - No meeting in July

    No meeting in July

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      AUGUST - No meeting in July                                                                                    

    No meeting in August

    SEPT 5, 2013 - Open Dance Community Business Meeting        download pdf  

    Meeting held at Hayra’s in Shoreline.

    Attendees: Lesley/Rabia (Voice for Peace), Martha, Jamil (Facilitator), Helen, Phil , John Birnel (Scribe), Hayra, Brian, Krsna Das, and Rifaat.

    Treasurer’s Report: Helen passed along that with better attendance this summer, our balance has increased to about $3000, with $360 due soon for yearly insurance payment.

    ===OLD BUSINESS====================

    Camp Burton Update: 5 registrations so far for the Vashon Island Regional Retreat to be held this year November 1-3. Publicity is ongoing. The goal continues to break even with any anticipated “profits” to be available for half scholarships on a first come first serve basis.

    OUTCOME: We will decide at our October meeting if we want to “guarantee” any scholarships (decide to fund before we know for sure if the # of registrations will produce the income to fund them).

    Facebook Update:

    • John and Salim, are monitoring Facebook. John recently spoke with Salim re: how he operates in that role.

    • Sundari has been regularly putting up an announcement on Facebook regarding the weekly dance meeting at Keystone.

    Diversity Update/Multi-Lingual Flier.

    OUTCOME: Deferred to next month, but see item below re: Spanish Dance Night.

    Research re: multi-year renewals for web-hosting & domain names:
    Brian reports it costs about $12.50 per month at present. It is not anticipated that a significant cost savings would occur via multi-year renewals, and it would likely involve significant time to research.

    OUTCOME: No research to be completed at this time re: multiyear renewals.

    ===NEW BUSINESS====================

    Social Events: John wondered about having some special event or events to welcome new Dancers coming on a regular basis. We discussed some past events held over the years, and some possibilities in the future. Social event with a few dances? Use of Odd Fellows in Ballard as a less expensive, and more kitchen friendly, though less familiar, venue?

    OUTCOME: Brian to check to see if Zoka’s (a nearby former after-dance hangout for many) is returned to being open after 10pm weekdays. Some of us use the dupnw Yahoo listings to check in with regular Dancers who may have stopped coming regularly, to invite them to return.
    Otherwise, defer planning to the January 2014 Planning Meeting. Perhaps start planning then for a modest 30th Anniversary (of DUP in Seattle) Celebration Day in the Spring.

    Publicity for October 2, 2013 special Spanish DUP evening?
    (in which most of the Dances for that regular Wed meeting will be in Spanish, and Spanish/English interpreters will be present).

    OUTCOME: Hayra will contact the Leaders for that evening (Elizabeth and Chandra Devi) as to whether they are willing to do a flier in Spanish and English. If so, the flier will be put on the Seattle DUP web site and an email will be sent to DUPNW, with a hyperlink to the site, requesting assistance in distributing the flier, especially electronically.

    Vashon Dance Resumption: Rifaat reported on his efforts to resume regular monthly Dances on Vashon Island. There are 7 people committed to help, and Dance Leaders are stepping forward. They are looking closely at an appropriate venue, and hope to begin as early as January or February 2014.

    6pm Potluck, 7pm meeting
    at John Birnel’s 719 N.68th Seattle 98103. 782-6129.
    Martha to Facilitate, Jamil to Scribe.

    Jamil 206-697-5077 / jamil@serve.net
    Lesley/Rabia kneads4u@comcast.net
    Martha 206-367-0389 / inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.org

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    Policies (as of Feb 2017)  Read   pdf   •   Original Vision Team Report  (from 2003)  Read   pdf

    OCTOBER 2, 2013   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting       download pdf

    Opening Dance: Jewel in the Lotus

    Facilitator: Martha / Scribe: Jamil / Voice for Peace: Hayra

    Call to Order: By Martha at 7:20 p.m.

    Present: Martha (Facilitator), Jamil (Scribe), Hayra (Voice for Peace), Brian, krsna das, John

    ===Old Business==========

    Camp Burton Retreat report: 20 registrations so far. 6 requests for scholarships. 7 people on Vashon coming at 'Day Rates.' Scholarships are generally provided to pay up to 1/2 of the cost of the retreat. There was agreement that it's best not to make the recipients wait until the last minute to be advised of of their award of partial funding. Discussion about the scholarship requests centered on whether and to what extent funds in the DUP treasury could be used toward scholarships. By consensus vote, Martha was authorized to use $300 of the general fund toward scholarship awards, provided that this amount be reimbursed from Retreat registration proceeds, to the extent possible.

    Diversity: The DUP general information flyers available on the entry table and on the DUP website are now available in Vietnamese, thanks to Derek Nguyen. There will also be a flyer in Spanish, which is almost finished. Thanks to Chandra Devi, Elizabeth, and Aziza. Brian provided technical support for both flyers.

    Social Events: There was a discussion about the possibility of a DUP-sponsored social event sometime next spring. One of the goals is to provide an opportunity for members to engage socially outside of the usual weekly dance structure. The venue and particulars of such an event were not determined. Suggestions included holding the event at Keystone on a Friday or Saturday evening. Other suggestions included ice-breakers, a variety of music (not necessarily dance-related), some dances, games, small group sharing of answers to questions, and inviting an outside small-groups' facilitator to lead participants in community-building activities.

    Jamil, John, and Brian agreed to act as a sub-committee to explore these and other possibilities and bring some concrete ideas back to the Planning Committee. Brian asked Jamil to provide the names of some books available at the library which would be helpful in planning such a community event and to contact a potential facilitator.

    Policies: Helen and Martha have researched DUP Minutes, going back to the year 2000, and gathered all of the DUP policies implemented during these many years. The compilation will be made available on the website by the end of this year.
    To-Do item for next agenda: Decide on what to call the collection of policies.

    ===New Business==========

    Holiday Card Fundraiser: It will soon be time for the annual Holiday Fundraiser mailing for DUP - North America. The DUPP decided, by consensus vote, to approve an expenditure of $46.00 for postage to mail the cards. It was also agreed: to request that the Dance leaders who sign up to lead in December (other than on the Aramaic night) do so with an understanding that these Wednesday evenings need to accommodate community participation in preparing 100 DUP-NA Holiday Cards.
    To-Do item: Brian and Hayra to take request to SDT Retreat.

    Transportation reimbursement: It was confirmed that the policy regarding reimbursement for invited out-of-state dance leaders provides for a payment of $75 for transportation.

    Meet-up: The question was raised: If a person unfamiliar with DUP were searching Meet-up for spiritual dance or something related to that, how difficult would it be for them to find DUPs Meet-up listing? John and Brian will check this and report back.

    Consider Date Change: Hayra requested that we consider changing the date of the monthly DUPP meeting to the second Thursday of the month, beginning in January. The committee was asked to come to the November meeting prepared to vote on this.

    Next Meeting Date: The next DUPP meeting is scheduled for November 7th: 6pm potluck / 7pm meeting
    Location: Phil and Helen's: 22405 39th Ave SE, Bothell / 425-483-6511 /  phil.notermann@gmail.com / heleng@igc.org
    Convenor/Facilitator: Jamil  206-697-5077 / jamil@serve.net
    Scribe: John

    Jamil: 206-697-5077 / jamil@serve.net
    Hayra: 206-546-6092 / hayrafatah@gmail.com
    Martha: 206-367-0389 / inoffice@dancesofuniversalpeace.org

    Action Items:

    • Social Event Sub-committee: John, Brian and Jamil. Give Brian names of library books related to community-building events & contact possible facilitator about event.
    • Decide on how to refer to the policy compilation.
    • Notify dance leaders re addressing envelopes for Holiday card fundraiser.
    • Meet-up: John & Brian to research how easy or difficult to find DUP on Meet-up.
    • Consider suggested date change for monthly meeting.
    • Brian and Hayra to take Holiday Card Accommodation request to SDT Retreat.

    Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:57p.m.

    Closing Dance: Nada Te Turbe

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    Policies (as of Feb 2017)  Read   pdf   •   Original Vision Team Report  (from 2003)  Read   pdf

       NOVEMBER 7, 2013   -  Open Dance Community Business Meeting     Download PDF  

    Meeting held at Phil and Helen’s in Bothell.
    Present: Phil/Murad, Helen, Brian (Voice for Peace), John(Scribe), Martha, Suzan/Tasnim, Hayra, and Jamil (facilitator).


    There was some general discussion of how well the recent Regional weekend Retreat went. It was deemed very successful in a variety of measures, including a slight profit of $543.50, after adjustments for increased honorariums and half scholarships. $185 was donated towards scholarships by
    participants. With that $, and from profit from the weekend, 7 scholarships were provided.

    • It was agreed, starting in 2014, to establish honorariums for the yearly Regional Retreat as $150 for the registrar and $100 each for the leaders (usually 3 each), with the idea that the practice of providing possible retroactive increases would cease.
    • It was also, then, agreed to retroactively increase the honorariums by $50 each for the 3 leaders (from $50 to $100), and the registrar (from $100 to $150) for the 2013 Camp.
    • Stephen/Matin Pierce is again providing from the Retreat this year an audio recording of our dance sessions.
    • It was agreed that Martha, after she receives the link to these recordings from Matin, will send out a notice to DUPNW of the link, explaining that it will also be on the SeattleDUP website, and asking for feedback as to its usefulness. She will report back to the Planning Committee as to any subsequent feedback she receives.

    Murad reported $3440 in the account, after the Vashon Retreat figures were added in.

    POLICY COMPILATIONS: A decision about what term to use, to describe the spot on the web where policy decisions will reside (“Policies”,“Decision Log”, e.g.?), was deferred to the next meeting in January 2014.


    • It was agreed Jamil is to chair the Ad-hoc social events planning sub-committee created last meeting. Suzan/Tasnim offered to join the committee, which also includes John and Brian. Helen offered to join any planning related to our 30th Anniversary of the Seattle DUP.
    • At some point, the committee may take some informal polls of dancers at break during one of the Wednesday Dances.
    • The Interim Committee will make any necessary decisions related to proposals from the Social Committee between now and the next DUP Planning meeting 19/2014.


    • The Interim Committee sometime in October 2013 agreed to an adjustment in the # of cards (from the No. American DUP) we would prepare and mail out. That commits us to 150 cards vs. 100 and $69 vs. $46 for stamps.
    • Martha will coordinate with Leader(s) from the Wednesday night(s) during which dancers will be asked to help with a brief mailing party.


    • Brian reported that Puget Sound DUP now has about 100 members on Meet-up. John and Brian
      reviewed access to DUP on Meet-Up and found no particular issues.
    • It was agreed that we would sign up for another 6 months of Meet-Up.

    • DUPP REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING DATE: It was agreed, starting in January 2014, to change the regular monthly meeting date to be the 2nd Thurday (vs. the current 1st Thursday).
    • PRINT CARTRIDGE: It was agreed to purchase another print cartridge (about $20-$30) for Brian to help support his frequent printing of fliers for use mostly at the Wednesday evening DUP dances.
    • SCHOLARSHIP FUND FOR REGIONAL DANCE CAMP FALL 2014: It was agreed to tentatively set aside $300 as a scholarship fund guarantee (to allow for earlier sign-ups for the Fall Regional Dance Camp) This $ would hopefully be reimbursed from “profits” from the camp, and donations for scholarships. This plan will be reviewed in June 2014.
    Next meeting:  Thursday Januray 9, 6:00 potluck, 7:00 meeting
    Location:  Jamil's's home / 7900 Ashworth Ave. N., #8, Seattle / 206-697-5077 / jamil@serve.net
    Convener:  Murad-Phil / 425-483-6511 / phil.notermann@gmail.com
    Scribe:  John
    Interim committee: 
       Jamil: 206-697-5077 / jamil@serve.net
       Murad-Phil: 425-483-6511 / phil.notermann@gmail.com
       Brian: 425-485-2019 / brian@briandina.com

       DECEMBER  -  No Meeting in December

    No meeting in December - Next meeting January 9, 2014

    Next meeting:  Thursday Januray 9, 6:00 potluck, 7:00 meeting
    Location:  Jamil's's home / 7900 Ashworth Ave. N., #8, Seattle / 206-697-5077 / jamil@serve.net
    Convener:  Murad-Phil / 425-483-6511 / phil.notermann@gmail.com
    Scribe:  John
    Interim committee: 
       Jamil: 206-697-5077 / jamil@serve.net
       Murad-Phil: 425-483-6511 / phil.notermann@gmail.com
       Brian: 425-485-2019 / brian@briandina.com

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