NEXT DANCE: Sunday, June 11 , 2017

 GOOD Weather
TIME: 10:30am (earlier time)
WHERE: Karen Lohman's radiant garden
1220 Thomas St. NW in Olympia    MAP
for Directions contact: Karen 360-943-8552
The dance circle is in her back yard, so park on the street and walk in through the driveway
Lingering over a Potluck Lunch is also part of our summer dance ritual, so feel free to bring food or beverage, and to stay and partake if you like.
 BAD Weather (less than a 5 minute drive from Karen's Garden)
TIME: 10:30am (earlier time)
WHERE: Woodard Lane Cohousing, Common House
1620 Woodard Ave NW Olympia, 98502
   north of the Westside Olympia Food Co-op   MAP
Parking: You can park anywhere along Woodard Ave or in the main parking lot. Liv Monroe said it is okay to park in the main lot for the short amount of time we are there on a Sunday afternoon.
Enter the big purple building by the right hand door, change or leave shoes as you wish in the shoe room to your right, and come into the large common area.

We hope you will join us, and bring along friends who might enjoy this unique form of moving meditation/ body prayer/ Sufi dancing.

 Jo Thornton Curtz:
     360-352-2209 / jo@nuprometheus.com
/  olympiadup@gmai​l.com
Ted: 360-481-6538
Karen 360-943-8552

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webmaster: brian@briandina.com / 425-485-2019

NOTE: Some of our Dancers are highly sensitive to fragrances (soaps, natural essences,
perfumes, colognes, hair spray). Please do not wear these to Dance events if possible



 • The dance circle is in Karen's back yard,
     so PARK on the street and walk in through the driveway
 • The WEATHER should be...you know...hot. 
      Dress and pace yourself accordingly.
 • Dances will be followed by a POTLUCK lunch, 
       indoors or out.  If you can stay, please bring a dish to share.
       Beverage and utensils will be provided.