December 5, 2015

Dear Ones,

Sundari Sandra Greer is at the Providence Hospital in Everett. With complications to her liver, she is not expected to recover. With the support of medication, she seems to be comfortably/dreamily on the threshold. It is expected that her body will pass in a small number of days. Her devoted husband, Dick, and her family of origin have been with, as well as 6 of us (including Dick) who had an opportunity to encircle her with Dance energy.

Over these next couple of days, please connect with a tree, the moon, the wind, or a small furry creature and sing Thy Light is in All Forms, Gate Gate Paragate, and/or any other Dance that you know that she loved.

     We all come from the Goddess and to her we shall return.
     Al Hamdulillah,


Hayra dear,

Sending love and blessing to Sundari’s pure spirit of light and joy. Deep gratitude for your devoted holding of her being with such love and tenderness.

All praise to the light which blessed us with her form. I will sing in my heart for her sweet travels with the angels.

May we keep that smile and hug alive by our own smiles and hugs!
Dear sister, I somehow thought you were immortal!

~France Radha Giddings
My love is following her out to the corners of space. .I will strive to be as loving and kind as she was. .thank you for letting us know. .Xoxo

Beautiful Sundari (whose name means beautiful in sanskrit of course) is so beloved, what an amazing eternal soul! I also wanted to say, that while I was so sad to hear her in transition, thee was a moment when I sat to pray for her just after she passed ( ffor some reason I tuned in just after she passed apparently)....and I was filled with so much joy for her!!! She is such a bright soul, full of light, held in light and so free!

My sincerest condolences to all who will miss her (including all of us blessed by her coming to chant)....and yet I'm so happy for her beautiful free soul and well- lived life.
I love you Sundarji (and Dick)! Love


Oh, I'm smiling through my tears as I send the biggest baddest most soul-expanding HUG to my beloved Sister whose enormous HEART has brightened my life so fiercely for so long. Please add mine to the chorus of voices shouting out WE LOVE YOU and letting that bright white beam of SUNSHINE know that I am so grateful for the fierceness with which she SHINES and the tenacity with which she LOVES. God/Allah/the Divine Feminine has worked through Sundari with such enormous power and grace. Please let my soul sister know that today I will go stand by the iconic Bitterroot River and sing and chant and shout out blessings to my soulmate and see her bathed in light and love and infinite joy (reflecting the joy that she so channeled in her own life and through her own eyes) as she gets ready to transition to the next great beyond. Sundari Sandra Greer, I LOVE YOU.

Feeling a mixture of great sadness at OUR loss of such a big heart, so generous with her time and talent. And also sympathetic joy knowing that she is birthing into a new reality full of light and pure joy, leaving behind both the wonders of this bodily existence, but also the pain and suffering connected with it. 

Sending love also to Dick. I hope those who loved Sundari will find ways to support him in this time of loss. Blessings,

Thank you so much, dear Hayra, for letting us know, particularly those of us who are far away and cannot be in person there. Please let Sundari know I will go this afternoon to the beautiful and powerful mother lake here, lake Atitlan, and throw some flowers and light a candle to send love and ease to her today... Much love and gratitude for all you and others are doing to support her and Dick at this time,
I send all light, love, and blessings to Sundari and to her family. In meditation this morning I felt her luminous presence releasing pain, suffering, attachments... From the first time I ever met Sundari at the Mt.Vernon dances I experienced her as an angel of light. I will miss her greatly. Much love,
 ~chandra devi

Too young!! I’m still shaking my head in disbelief.
Damp Earth Woman, with the most welcoming smile and authentic hug ever, will be missed. Thanks for letting us know, Hayra. We are a community in Spirit.

Much love and shared potpourri of feelings at this time of northern hemisphere darkness and perpetual inner light,
 ~Halima Sarah

Just read all the emails one after the other. So much to say and yet anything seems inadequate. Sadness, relief, grief, joy all in one mix. Just like life. Remembrance.

Remembering much she loved the Dances and Zikr. How during her last months I would call her to see if she was up to going to Whidbey for zikr and how if she could, she would. She wanted to go to the zikr retreat at Mt Adams last summer and when she couldn't a bunch of us from the community got together after lunch and sang Zikr to her phone to phone. 

Yesterday at our Sufi Saturday we called you on the phone. Everyone stopped what we were doing and gave our love and homages. Some planned to go see you today. It wasn't to happen.

How she would say 'Hi Bebe' and come up with a big warm hug, always. That hair, the mass of strawberry blond hair as she would come up to you with an aura like the Sun. Sundari. Beautiful one. 

How precious you were, and are. How much joy and light and beauty you brought to our community. You will be missed. 

We are grateful

Go now without fear into the next adventure. Your spirit is free of the body. And we will meet in some form in some way, again

All my love

I'm so sorry - I didn't know her passing was so close. What a beautiful Spirit she brought to all of us.

Appreciating her beauty and light and all the sweet messages. We had a candle in our home this evening to join in holding vigil as she transitions....

I live in eastern Washington now and am no longer actively a part of the Seattle dance community so not able to join in person to honor Sundari at one of the community dances.

Sending love and many blessings,

Sundari was a big light for me… I can still feel her hugs and the radiance of her smile, face, eyes. I’m not sad. The only way I knew Sundari was as a light filled with radiance love like the sun… and a bit of fiery snaps and storminess. I remember her with joy.
With love,

~ Matin
December 6, 2015

Sundari's body has let go. Thank you all for prayers and songs. I suggest that you continue them throughout the day while her spirit is transitioning. The soul is pure. Subahan, Qudusan, wa Ru (undiluted essence, holiness, and spirit)

A dear friend of the Dances, Sundari Greer, has passed away. Many of you will have met her when she caravaned to our B'ham circle from her home in Everett - a radiant, loving presence. She was like a fountain, overflowing with divine beauty and joy - meeting her in a partner dance was a profound blessing. Please send prayers and all good wishes as her soul transitions into a new phase of life.
 ~ Sitara Mitten-Lewis

December 13, 2015


Dick Van Tassel invites you to come to the home which he has shared with Sundari for many years. Feel the ambiance that she created and nurtured, take a walk on the labyrinth (likely in the rain) that they created together, casually share stories and appreciations of the Goddess on Earth that we have known, sing songs that she loved. A slide show of her will run continuously in the living room and with the exception of a couple of rooms reserved as refuge for Sundari's furry friends, the house will be open.

December 16, 2015

Thank you dear Community for showing up in so many ways. It was very meaningful to share sacred space in Dick and Sundari's home with so many of you. We saw faces of some who we hadn't seen for ages, as well as connecting in a new way with "regulars" from Keystone. There was a wide range of guests from Sundari and Dick's other communities, including their families and her theater troop. Some of these folks joined in the Dances.

In case you were one of the Beloveds who could not make it, here is a little bit about our time: Khadija opened up the sacred space with candle lighting and a prayer. This was followed by Dancing the Bismillah Round, Magic is Afoot, Deeper, Subahan, Take O Take, Thy Light and... We All Come from the Goddess and to her we shall Return. Later we Danced Ave Maria, All My Relations, Heart Sutra, Ya Quddus Uma, E Malama, Namaste, and Kalama.

Thank you to all who Danced, kept the food table overflowing with bounty, and shared tears and laughter. Thank you to Brian, Murad, Munajat, Daoud, Amir Paul, Jennifer, Antarajnani, Tasnim, and Jamil for leading, playing and providing program suggestions. Thank you to Dick for sharing this special time in their home. Endless gratitude to Sundari for bringing light and love, and the accompanying challenges into our hearts.

  Pra Shanti,

The photo of Sundari on the flyer makes her look like a radiant Imp. Oh how accurate.

It was an auspicious day. Some people left the memorial gathering to go to Sema, the Shebi Arus of Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi who also passed during these quiet days of winter.

Others of us left the gathering to go on to Whidbey for our monthly zikr circle which we dedicated to her memory and did a collective practice for/with her at the end.

There is a part of all of us that never dies, that lives on in memory. For me, that will be Sundari coming over with that gleam in her eye and a "Hi Bebe" followed by a warm hug.

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A dear friend of the Dances, Sundari Greer, has passed away. Many of you will have met her when she caravaned to our B'ham circle from her home in Everett - a radiant, loving presence. She was like a fountain, overflowing with divine beauty and joy - meeting her in a partner dance was a profound blessing. Please send prayers and all good wishes as her soul transitions into a new phase of life.
 ~ Sitara Mitten-Lewis