Dancing in Seattle
every Wednesday
at the Keystone Church
5019 Keystone Place North
In 1980 Azim Paul Swanson (now Antarajnani) decided to move to Seattle from Eugene, Oregon where he had been dancing with Ishaq Jud in the Eugene circle for about 5 years. Ishaq, Moinnedin, and Wali Ali all asked Azim to consider beginning a Dance circle as there hadn't been a regular one in Seattle. Azim moved from Eugene and took on this concentration with him. They met weekly at the International Folklore Society building on Lake Union for several years. Early dance meetings were small, and it was often challenging figuring out which dances to do with 6 to 8 people, and when to add music and when not.
After a couple of years the Dances started attracting more people and moved to the Hatha Yoga Center on 47th Street. Around the same time Zamyat Kirby (now Kabira) moved to Seattle from Eugene. She and Azim agreed to lead together. This might have been the start of the "teamwork" concept. Before that dances were mostly led in a region or area by one person. Not too long after that, Zubeida Suzanne Mitten (now Sitara) joined “the team.” The dances moved to the Phinney Neighborhood center.
In the mid 80s Azim started working the swing shift for the Post Office and his participation in Seattle dance decreased (although he’s back leading dances again). Zubeida married Lowell and they moved to Australia. Zamyat consolidated the “dance team” concept. In 1991 the dances moved to their current home at the Keystone Church (5019 Keystone Place North, Seattle). Zamyat moved away in 1994 but the “dance team” she created continues to thrive and the dances have been meeting at the Keystone Church every Wednesday evening going on 20 years now (7:30-9:30pm)
Dance meetings are scheduled regionally on Bainbridge, Bellingham, Mt Vernon, Olympia, Pt Townsend, Shoreline, Suquamish, Whidbey and Woodinville, as well as invitational venues such as church services, peace days and cultural events. There are also many opportunities to attended wonderful inspiring dance camps here and abroad where participants experience the vision of Murshid Sam to “Eat, Dance and Pray Together” in community.
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Dancing at Keystone Church, Seattle


Keystone Church (5019 Keystone Place North, Seattle)

every Wednesday, 7:30-9:30pm

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 Directions from I-5
Take NE 50th Street Exit
Head WEST for about 1/2 a mile
at crest of the hill turn Right onto Keystone Pl. N.
The Church is on your left in one short block.
Park any place on the street, being careful to leave
    5 feet clearance from driveways & sidewalk crossings
Enter at front entrance (on Keystone Pl.)
    and go up one short flight of stairs to your right
NOTE: It is easy to miss Keystone Place, so....
   the next Street is Meridian Ave N
   (traffic light and clear signage).

Take a right on Meridan
the first right on N 51st Street
The Chuch will be on your Right, in one long block

Keystone Church (5019 Keystone Place North, Seattle)   map

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NOTE: Some of our Dancers are highly sensitive to fragrances (soaps, natural essences,
perfumes, colognes, hair spray). Please do not wear these to Dance events if possible